Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Afternoon Delight by Fritz Willis

Most of the work of the classic pin-up artists was not very revealing, let alone blatantly erotic.  If doing calendar work, for example, they would be allowed one tasteful nude out of twelve images.  Depiction of pubic hair was very rare indeed and only really appeared in private works which were not for publication.  It is something of a surprise, therefore, to discover this very graphic painting by Fritz Willis (who we have featured on Venus Observations here and here) called Afternoon Delight.  It shows a typical Willis Girl (as they were know from 1946 when he started doing pin-ups for Esquire magazine) posing with typical Willis props such as a hat, fruit and a wine bottle.  What is not at all typical is that she is guiding her partner's penis into her pussy.  Great expressions by Willis on both figures.  I cannot think of a similar erotic painting by any of the other top pin-up artists.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Water Sports by Hal MacQueeney

No, not that sort of watersports but a couple under the water in a pool in this very nice pictorial by Hal MacQueeney, which opens with this magnificently presented posterior on the two page opening spread.

Appearing in September 1977's issue, Hustler obviously thought the pictorial noteworthy enough to mention it on the cover.  As I examine Hustler's boy/girls couples pictorials I will continue to feature some in full which take our fancy.

Given our appreciation of the tactile pleasures to be had when skinny dipping with ladies, it is not surprising that I like this one.  Here we get another superb, anus flashing, rear end shot from our water nymph as she sheds herself of her bikini bottoms.

The man seems understandably delighted with his companion's buoyant display here.  Full marks to them both for havmaintaining such engaging expressions under the water!

He, in the meantime has discarded his swimming trunks (or did she remove them) as the entwine in each others arms as they float  under the surface.

Some pussy clasping here.  Such bold male to female genital touching was still quite unusual in men's magazines at the time.

Even more barrier breaking was this, Hustler's first sixty-nine position in a couples pictorial.  It's quite graphic one too, with his mouth on her mound and her pink parts spread.

Several photographs had the girl interacting with the man's prick (my lady friend maintains that it is a 'prick' when it is soft and a 'cock' when it is hard!) and the picture of her with her mouth open, next to his balls, pushed another barrier in the magazine. Maybe the fact that all the action was veiled by water made it more acceptable than if the same actions had been depicted on dry land.

Finally there is an indistinct but heavily suggestive mouth to penis shot. This was an excellent pictorial with an unusual setting, that contained some striking (such as the shot of the girl gazing raptly at his prick) and quite racy, for the time, pictures.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Kissing Venyses 13: From the nineteenth century

Here is a delicious picture of kissing women from the late nineteenth century.  They have something of Daisy and Edith, from my erotic story The Lust World, about them!  The standing girl is a voluptuous lovely indeed!  What a splendid posterior!  I have no exact date for this picture but these striped stockings were very popular in the 1890s.  Gorgeous!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Settlement out of Court by Dwight Fox

Given it is Wimbledon ladies finals day today, I thought I might find some sort of tennis themed pictorial.  This one is more locker room than on court action but it includes enough tennis clothes and accessories to satisfy Agent Triple P's lady tennis player fantasies!

This girl/girl pictorial, Settling out of Court (oh, how the writers of men's magazines couldn't resist terrible tennis allusions in their titles for these sorts of sets - at least there was no 'love all' nonsense) appeared in July 1980's Club.  This shared a cover photo with May's Men Only in the UK but this particular pictorial didn't appear in Britain.

We start with a few nice undressing shots and while one girl might get away with her largely white outfit at the All England Club the other would have no chance with her dark blue ensemble.

A bit of gentle body kissing here and our first view of a truly magnificent bush!  In the next one the other girl's equally splendid coal black fleece is revealed.  The pussy stroking is still quite unusual for the time.

Here both ladies get a chance to stroke each other's fur as well as revealing their labia for the first time in the set.

Usually the pictorials that appeared in Men Only then appeared in Club in the US a month or two later.  However this pictorial never appeared in the UK magazine because by this period Paul Raymond had dialled right back on showing explicitly displayed labia, which we certainly get here.  Delicious!

There is nothing particularly special about this set but I like both girls and their raven locks (at both ends) and they look reasonably affectionate towards each other, which always helps.  There is nearly a kiss and all we really needed was a smile or too!  Not good, not bad.  Deuce, perhaps (sorry!).