Friday, January 13, 2017

Why Should We Do It In The Road? from Chic, June 1978

After a number of art posts on this blog it is time for another magazine pictorial. I had hoped to post the next Penthouse Love Set but there is a slight technical problem with some of the pictures which I hope to remedy shortly.  

So it is back to Chic and their June 1978 issue and a pictorial called Why Should We Do It In The Road, photographed by Matti Klatt. There are, basically, four types of couples pictorials in men's magazines.  Firstly, and most common, is the one involving the same models in some sort of single location  Then there are ones which tell a more complex story over multiple locations (popular in Penthouse).  Then there is the pictorial where different sets of models contribute just one or two pictures each with a certain theme (popular, at one time, in Playboy),  This one, however has the same models in different pictures and settings illustrating one theme; in this case different and more exciting places to have sex.  The first picture has a nurse and rather immobilised looking patient.

This next one is set in the zoo,with our couple as zookeepers. This has the addition of a, not very convincing looking, gorilla joining in the fun. This shot clearly shows that our adventurous young blonde has what would then be a very unusual bald pubis.

Here we have a couple of students in the library.  This one resonates with me because I did. once, when at university, have a girlfriend in the college library late one night, although I didn't enjoy it much as I was so worried about being discovered.   This particular lady loved doing it in places where you might get caught.  She found it exciting but I found it stressful!  

The lady is now in an art gallery where she is about to be taken by one of the security guards.  This wouldn't work these days as galleries all have closed circuit television everywhere.  Unless, of course, he is the guard in charge of the closed circuit TV.

This is also a very unlikely place for an intimate encounter.  Even in our local supermarket, past midnight, the place is full of Polish shelf stackers. It doesn't have a very convincing set, either.  Who puts cereal with washing powder?  In fact this is supposed to be what Chic call a superette; the term in some parts of America for a small supermarket.  If it is that small why do you need a big trolley?  A bit more contact in this one, with the blonde getting her rather lovely breast sucked while she assertively grabs his cock.  This is one of the earliest, if not the earliest, example of a penis in a Chic pictorial.

This is supposed to be a lift, which seems a popular place in pictorials and videos for frantic coupling.  I can't say that I have ever been in a lift that takes long enough to be able to even get going.  I have had a few quick gropes in the lift of the Inter-Continental in Montreal because the first floors there aren't part of the hotel, so you whizz straight through them before there is any chance of anyone stopping the lift. Here. at least, the man's equipment is arranged in such a way that you don't have what readers at the time would call 'limp dick syndrome'.  He could be erect and that is enough to maintain the illusion.

Finally, our couple are at the bus stop and she  has a good, firm grip on him here, in the most explicit couples shot in the magazine to date.

While really an example of the dreaded 'comedy' pictorial one or two of the shots display some arousing passion.  After this, couples pictorials, which had been rare up to this point in Chic,  (except girl/girl ones) would become more of a regular feature.


  1. Wonderful!!! Another awesome pictorial. Thank you very much!

  2. In both the zoo & art gallery shots it looks like the guy's junk was masked out.
    Don't really care for this one, but love the gorilla!

  3. My favorite one is the last one on the bench. I'm one of those people who enjoys getting frisky in public, although full-on intercourse was never my favorite thing. I dated a guy in college who was into the danger of being sexy in public, too, but it was more of a quick handjob in the car in the parking lot kind of thing, or a little flirty making-out in the elevator. Working on a lesbian romance right now, and there's some car action and elevator action in that one, inspired by my former lover, who was a guy but hey, I can always change things around in fiction, right? ;)

    1. looking forward to it. This girl, who will appear in due course in the Chronicles of Triple P, liked doing it outside.

  4. Triple P, would you ever consider sharing your sketches with us? Also, I find this pictorial totally boring!! Now Belle of the Ball...