Monday, January 2, 2017

Tram Stop Seduction by Fédor Rojankovsky

We have featured a few erotic illustrations by Fédor Stépanovitch Rojankovsky (1891-1970) before, here.  We are currently working on formatting some more of his pictures but, in the meantime, here is a charming quartet of watercolours known as tram stop seduction.  Rojan, as he often signed his illustrations, lived in Paris and produced these pictures, as can be seen by the fashions, in the nineteen thirties.  An older lady, dressed in a politically incorrect fur-trimmed coat of some magnificence, spots a young girl, of a politically incorrect age, while waiting at the tram stop.

We don't know how she manages it, but soon Madame has the girl home and is trying out a few exploratory kisses and rather forward breast caressing, much to her surprise.  Perhaps she offered her a lift, only habituating tram stops to pick up impressionable young girls, whereas really,around the corner, she has a chauffeur at the wheel of a glittering Hispano-Suiza.

A shocking new world has opened up for the girl, as have her slim thighs, as Madame does delicious things to her smooth, virgin sex.  Oh what are these strange feelings?

The girl is soon inducted into the ways of sapphic pleasure and as Madame enjoys her new young  friend's tongue lapping at her sopping parts she wonders whether to keep her for a few days or go on the prowl for another fresh young thing.


  1. It’s the first time I see these pictures! I love the theme I draw many times. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Older women and young girls! Disgraceful!