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The Last Straw/Be-troughed/The Sensuous Bathtub by Fred Enke

Time for a girl/girl set from Men Only (and later Club in the US) featuring two friendly cow girls have a bath in a horse trough.

This pictorial first appeared in the UK in Men Only Volume 41 number 6 for January 1976.  The following month it appeared in Club in the US for their February 1976 first anniversary edition. In Club the pictorial was called Be-troughed rather than The Last Straw, as in Britain.

Just over a year later, in April 1977, pictures from this shoot also appeared in Stag.  Some of the shots I have flipped so they match the Men Only/Club aspect) and there were some additional ones not in the Men Only or Club pictorials, so I am including them here in chronological order of the sequence but their provenance is marked as such.

Quite often Men Only and Club would have different text accompanying the same pictorial but in this case the text is the same for both and tells the story of Serena and Agnes who meet in a lesbian bar.


The strange thing about the text is that it is virtually a short story, including dialogue but the whole thing is set in New York.  There is absolutely no mention of a farm, ranch or barn to tie in with the location of the pictures.  It's almost as if it had been written for another pictorial.


Anyway, whatever the disconnect between text and pictures, our denim clad lovelies are soon stripping off their jeans for a bath in the horse trough. 



Men Only had quite a few girl/girl pictorials in 1976, unlike, for example, Penthouse in the UK which was nervous about some of the more explicit lesbian shots appearing in the US edition.  At this point, Men Only's photographers were getting some nice passionate shots from their models.  Later on the magazine's girl/girl pictorials would consist of two girls just posing with each other rather than interacting with any sense of sapphic passion, as here.


It must be difficult for you if you are a model and have no interest in the same sex but have to pose for these girl/girl sets.  I once read an interview with actress Laura Gemser, who said she just wan't attracted to other women physically and found lesbian scenes very difficult. 

In this set the two girls look convincingly into each other,however, which helps the erotic charge no end. This bold, for the time, anus flashing shot is the only extra picture to appear in Club which wasn't in the original Men Only pictorial.


In Stag the girls are called Julie Algrave and Greta Lemaze.  Interestingly, the accompanying text has them meeting in New York as well but then moving to a farm in Vermont, as if the Stag editors had read the original piece but then tried to make it fit the pictures.  The Men Only/Club pictorials don't have them completely naked in the trough, as here. 

The last two shots in the Men Only/Club pictorials have the two girls out of the trough and in the straw, which seems a bit silly when you have just had a bath but there you are.




Finally, Stag have more pictures of the girls in the straw with  a nice kissing shot to finish.  This is a good set with the girls looking like they are enjoying themselves and the sunny, outdoor setting makes a change from the boudoir approach that Men Only used for most of their other girl/girl sets in 1976.  More Men Only girls on Venus Observations soon.

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  1. Man, check out those bell-bottoms!
    Wasn't aware this set was recycled so many times. Quite unique for the '70's but standard practice, for second-tier mags, in the '80's.

    Yeah, Laura has mentioned a few times the difficulty she had with lesbian scenes (Ms. Gemser is the greatest).

    'The Strange Sexual World Of The Godfather' - 'Stag' seems to have uncovered an angle most critics missed in that saga. ;)