Sunday, December 4, 2016

Two women by J.B De Lapin

The lovely author, Scarlett Knight, often has a Sapphic Sunday picture on her gorgeous Goggle+ page and today, having read an erotic letter from one of my ex girlfriends on the subject of sapphic pleasure, we thought we would post one too. 

This lovely drawing is by J.B. De Lapin from a series entitled Les Erreurs de l'amour, which was published in around 1925.  De Lapin, despite his name (or pseudonym, more likely) appears to have been from Prague. 

The leggy lovely on the left, with the à la mode haircut, is sprawled, with her legs apart, on the cushions,  She appears to be the older, more experienced woman while the innocent looking ingénue appears to be looking for affirmation that what she is doing is having the desired effect.  "Is that nice?  Is that right?"  Oh, we think the other lady will soon teach you a lot!

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