Tuesday, December 6, 2016

L'Ecole des Faunes by Eugène Courboin

Time for another nymph and satyr, although this watercolour is of the rather less aggressive Roman faun, who was less rapacious and more relaxed in his pleasures. Here his relaxation is helped by a nymph plying him with wine.  On Sunday we were around at our particular friend A's house and she was (messily) feeding Triple P Rioja from a glass Spanish porron wine pitcher.  Good job we were in the bath at the time. The experience reminded us of this picture by the French illustrator Eugène Courboin, from the book L'Ecole des Faunes (1896).  A, we should point out, given the amount of time she spends in the gym, is rather more toned than this nineteenth century nymph.

Here is another illustration of a faun and nymph by Courboin from the same book.  Courboin was born in 1851 and illustrated a number of books and magazines.  He died in 1915.

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