Friday, December 9, 2016

Here Comes the Bride from Chic April 1978

Our Chic couples sets are proving to be very popular and attracting a lot of views.   Our particular friend S has just asked for another one to be posted.  We are very happy to do this, not least because the small number of pictures in the pictorials makes them quick to format!

This one comes from the April 1978 issue and was photographed by Suze Randall.  Called Here Comes the Bride, we wonder how many other men's magazine pictorials have carried the same title over the years!

We have no idea who the lovely models in this girl/girl set are and there are only a few words of text.  All we know is that we have the bride and her maid of honor, as Americans call bridesmaids, sometimes.  We are not sure if they differentiate between the two.  Maid of honor is not a term we have heard being used in the UK (and if we did we would put a 'u' in the word honour, so that it is spelled properly, of course!)

One of the problems with Chic's low picture numbers was that they didn't offer the possibility, as Penthouse would have done, for example, of having the ladies start fully dressed and gradually revealing themselves.  They are spreading their legs and sticking their tongues out from the off.

Still, we have nice white stockings, gloves and other bridal white accessories, giving, with the floor and wall shades a nice limited colour palette.

Here, our maid of honour spreads the bride's plump-looking labia with her long, white-gloved fingers.  The gloves add to the tactile quality, of course.

Finally, adopting a scissors position, the bride has her fingers quite boldly on her bits as well.  A simple set this one and more posing than passion but still a lovely, light, wedding confection.


  1. An amazingly restrained effort from our Suze.
    Not very hot, but quite..uh..pleasant, I guess?

  2. The Princess Leia hairstyle rather obvious now, this set published less than a year after Star Wars was released.

    1. Ha ha! Hadn't even noticed it. Someone obviously thought it was sexy!

  3. As to Maid of Honor. In the states the Maid of Honor is the primary bridesmaid, just as the Best Man is the primary groomsman. She stands next to the bride in the church. If the chosen lady is married, she would typically be called the Matron of Honor.