Friday, December 30, 2016

Belle of the Ball by James Baes

Our particular friend, S, in Canada, has just contacted us to say that she has been watching the American Civil War-set bodice ripper North and South, which I remember had a splendid, scenery chewing performance from Lesley-Anne Down as a Southern lady and a career making one from Patrick Swayze.  S remembered a pictorial from one of my Pubic Wars posts featuring a Southern Belle and some black slaves and wondered if I had the rest of it.

Well, this pictorial by James Baes appeared in the May 1978 issue of Hustler, which featured this controversial cover illustration of a pregnant woman (to go with a pictorial of a pregnant model inside). 

Not only do we have the pictorial but we also have some outtakes, such as this one, which is almost, but not quite identical to the title spread in the actual magazine.  We love the lady's stance here.  She had born to privilege arrogance down perfectly!  We will attempt to integrate the outtakes (which have a slight blue cast) with the magazine pictures,

This is one of those pictorials from the magazine that really could have done with more pictures so the outtakes, such as this one, are very welcome.   The story has Melanie (from Gone With the Wind, it suggests, naughtily) in the slave quarters "again", where she makes them take their clothes off.   The slaves soon gather around knowing exactly what she wants.  This shot is very bold for the time as not only is the slave gripping his erection but Melanie's tongue is in contract with his glans.  This would not have been permissible in newsstand magazines at the time and, indeed, for some years afterwards. Observable contact like this would have usually resulted in a black spot being put over the offending area.

The cunnilingus alone in these outtakes would have made these shots unprintable at the time but Melanie is also indulging in real fellatio.  It is actually surprising these shots were taken at all as usually the photographers worked to the level of explicitness permitted at the time and no more.  

The grainy shot above this one comes from the magazine's title page with the one underneath from the pictorial itself.  Melanie has lost her dress and is having her boots removed while one of the slaves squeezes her breast, which she seems to be enjoying a lot.  The text makes it clear throughout that what is happening is consensual and that there is no question, as you might think, given the scenario, of rape.   

Melanie is down to just her stockings now.  The fellow at the top left of this shot does look rather more seventies than nineteenth century, though!  The top picture of these two was the one that appeared in the magazine with the other, erection gripping, one an outtake.  We like the kissing here, always unusual in these sorts of pictorials, and Melanie looks enticingly juicy as well.

The chap between her pale thighs must be pleased he has some of his pals along to take her weight in this rather acrobatic position.

Surprisingly, it does look rather like Melanie is actually being penetrated in this picture.  Not surprisingly this one and the one above didn't appear in the magazine.  A very graphic shot for a pictorial of the time.

These three outtakes all have Melanie with just one of the slaves, something which didn't appear in the magazine.  They are quite nice pictures but they don't really go with the group shots so we can see why they left them out.

Two more outtakes show Melanie gripping and sucking while displaying a very wet looking pussy.  We hope someone out there can identify the girl as she really goes for it in this set.

Although this is the outtake version it is identical to the shot that appeared in the magazine (as are the two below) but we are using them so we didn't have to deal with the split page.  Melanie is put in manacles by her slaves, which seems rather ungrateful.

As we noted in our Pubic Wars piece, at the time this issue came out publisher Larry Flynt was in hospital having been shot by Joseph Paul Franklin, who later said that he had targeted Flynt because he published interracial pictorials such as this. Other readers wrote into Hustler objecting to the pictorial too.

We think it is a successfully erotic pictorial, with the added frisson of explicit outtakes which demonstrate that the lady model really made the pictorial with her passionately enthusiastic approach.


  1. Great serie. Thanks for the share. The costume and the theme are just great.

  2. This is so sexy!!!! I wish I was this girl!

  3. Great photo set, one of my all time favorites. I remember jerking off to the original magazine years ago when I discovered my dad's stash. I'm so glad that other pictures have surfaced over the years. If only we could find out Melanie's true identity and then search for her other works...