Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Two Love/Billi-Jean Kinks/Net Ball

Having posted a three girl set of tennis girls in the sauna, called Love All: Sauna or Later from Men Only recently and then followed it up with a sauna pictorial from Chic we thought we would finish off our tennis/sauna theme with a girl/girl tennis clothes set.

This has a rather convoluted provenance, as while we first saw the pictorial in the May 1981 issue of Cheri (Two Love) there were also pictorials in Men (Net Ball) from March 1982 and The Best of Expose! (Billi-Jean Kinks) from April 1983 that used pictures from the same shoot.

Rather than trying to eliminate the duplicates (and some were flipped or cropped as well) and give all three as they appeared in the magazines we have just decide to combine all the photos in to one pictorial.

As we have mentioned elsewhere, we find tennis clothes pretty irresistible on women.  There are a number of reasons for this, of course.  Mainly, we suppose it's because women who play a lot of tennis tend to have really toned (and often tanned) legs.

Where Triple P lives there are a lot of a certain sort of women who spend an inordinate amount of time in the gym.  Their husbands earn too much for them to have to work so they just spend nearly all day working out (or having affairs with their gym instructors).  We did see a man out on a mountain bike in the woods here a couple of years ago with half a dozen very fit looking thirty something women pedalling after him as he took them on a mountain bike work out. That's a good job, we thought!  

During Wimbledon (which is only about ten miles from where we live) all these women go shopping in their tennis clothes  and decorate the supermarkets with their tanned, toned legs. It's actually a bit tragic, really, like wearing cycling gear shopping when the Tour de France is on.  Still, we can hardly object.

Our two girls on courts soon dispense with their knickers and set to on each other.  The set is actually rather less explicit than it first appears although this anus presenting shot is quite bold.

Triple P did make an attempt to learn how to play tennis as a teenager and even had some lessons.  These took place at a municipal tennis courts but during our first lesson we were completely distracted by a very tall, thin girl in a very short tennis dress playing with her mother on an adjoining court.  We went back the following week and the week afterwards hoping she would be there again but she never was.

Tennis was way beyond our hopeless hand to eye co-ordination and was, we decided, a faintly ridiculous game anyway.  But then we generally find all sports involving balls faintly ridiculous.  Tommy Simpson, the great British cyclist of the sixties, once said that any activity which involves  a ball is really more a pastime than a sport. 

Anyway, no need for balls with our two lissome young ladies here as they get to grips with each other on court.  Once Triple P witnessed a very entertaining game of tennis where his particular friend S played a match against her friend on the tennis court at her house and both dispensed with their knickers for Triple P's benefit.  We really enjoyed their flashes of brilliance on court.  Perhaps Wimbledon might try it to liven up the women's game.  On second thoughts we have just remembered the Williams sisters...

Triple P actually lived in Wimbledon for a few years although didn't spend much time there as he became seriously involved with a girl who lived more centrally in London.  We did have one disgraceful week when we entertained five different girls in five successive days: the current girlfriend, the immediately preceding girlfriend (there was a long overlap), an ex girlfriend from five years before, the best friend of another ex girlfriend and the girl from the flat downstairs.   

Apart from the girl from the flat downstairs all the others had been on/off ladies for some years.  It would have been perfect for this post if we had suddenly been overcome with passion for the girl downstairs on seeing her return home in her tennis clothes but sadly that was not the case.  We had literally run into her on Wimbledon Common when we were both out running and she had to borrow Triple P's shower on our return as her hot water wasn't working. 

Afterwards she  apologised for leading me on (yes coming out of the shower into my room naked may be seen as somewhat provocative) as she knew I had a girlfriend.  She said the exercise, the summer sunshine and Triple P's legs (we do have very good legs!) just got her going.  It was a one off and we continued to have a friendly neighbourly relationship with no further sexual interaction in a quite civilised way.  Fortunately, perhaps, she acquired a boyfriend shortly afterwards.

The implied kissing is actually hidden by the girl's sun visor but they are quite sweet photos.  The fact they keep on their wristbands and socks rather than getting completely naked helps a lot too. If their is anything sexier than tennis clothes it's the accessories to tennis clothes.

We have only been to watch the tennis at Wimbledon once, coincidentally with one of the magic five above.  We went to one of the first few days and only went to the outside courts, as the main ones are fabulously expensive and very hard to get tickets for unless you queue and Triple P doesn't really do queuing. We were very impressed by the muscle tone displayed by the lesser known ladies we saw on  court and, above all, by their height.  There were some seriously tall girls there.

This is the only close up shot used in any or the three pictorials and very nice it is too.

The blonde girl has the area around her labia shaved while retaining a full bush above: an early example of the Lauryl Canyon sweep.  our particular friend S, from Vancouver, still favours this style.  

Some nice caressing on court and a bit of light pussy stroking, just above the dark haired girl's very prominent clitoris.  The ladies' expressions manage to convey more passion than the actual interaction probably deserves but it generates a certain amount of erotic heat.

Well that was very nice.  How about a nice steamy sauna?


  1. Now that's some tennis I would love to watch.


  2. Okay, I have to say it: new balls please!

  3. And nobody's mentioned deuce/juice yet!

    I think the contrast between the two ladies - from blonde/dark hair to bushy/partially-shaved vulvas and then the difference in labial prominence - really makes this a striking shoot.