Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gemini II by Earl Miller

Our chronological examination of Penthouse Love Sets continues into 1979 with this girl/girl set, Gemini II, by Earl Miller.  Although the name sounds like a nineteen seventies Gene Roddenberry science fiction TV pilot, the text in the magazine claims that the models are twin sisters.

We have a number of outtakes for this set but we are going to group them by location rather than include the magazine images first and then the outtakes.  The outtakes (immediately above) will look slightly brighter so in the two nearly but not quite identical images above the magazine version is at the top.

This set appeared in the January 1979 issue, which featured Victoria Lynn Johnson on the cover and was photographed by Earl Miller in his first two girl set for fifteen months (although he had shot the three girl pictorial Living Dolls for the April 1978 issue).

There is no logical chronological progression in this set; we have a number of different set ups including this one of the girls (named Charlotte and Emily in the pictorial) in white underwear.  There are only the two shots of them dressed like this in the magazine.

This fine study of our two ladies on this rug is the only one which uses this backdrop.  It didn't appear in the magazine.

The next set up has our two girls cavorting on a brown leather sofa.   This shot, in particular, is dominated by the curious painting of a swimming pool

The painting has an early twentieth century look about it and it's certainly illustrates a very particular location.  Charlotte and Emily don't seem to care about it, though, as they are more interested in pulling each other's swimsuits off.

As the two girls reveal each other's lovely busts we should ponder on the fact that the text in Penthouse claims they are twin sisters.  If they are sisters, which is doubtful, then they are not identical ones.

Still, men's magazines have always got a little over excited at naked sisters together and try to encourage them to be as sensual as possible with each other for the camera, despite the incestuous nature of the posing.

The two girls are joined on the sofa by a sinister looking doll and almost get into the scissors position.  The pussy touching is quite strong for the period, especially for a Love Set, where they tended to be a bit less explicit than in solo sets. 

The doll has now gone or is, thankfully, out of shot as one girl settles between the thighs of the other in a tactile and passionate shot.

Some gentle breast nuzzling and squeezing brings to an end the sequence of pictures on the sofa.

Next the girls, starting off in different outfits, get undressed for a bath.  Emily (she is the darker haired one) gives us an assertive rear end display as she stands, oddly, in the bath in her stockings.

Soon the girls are in the bath and soaping themselves up very nicely.

Of course, despite being sisters, they can't resist soaping each other up, either.  These three close up bust caressing ones all appeared in the magazine. "They lather and caress one another, basking in the feel of soapy flesh," says the text.

There is no actual mouth to mouth kissing in this set, unlike some previous girl/girl Love Sets,  this is about as close as Charlotte and Emily get.

"Playful in their bath, Charlotte showers her sister with love - and with a loving spray of water," says the text. "The gesture brings Emily's rosy petals to life a second time."  We're sure it does. We have met a lot of girls who enjoy having their pussies sprayed with a shower like this.

The final two page picture doesn't fit with anything that has gone before, really, except one small picture in the pictorial.  They both depict Charlotte and Emily, naked except for a pair of boots on top of a horse.  Naked thighs and pussy straddling a horse is always going to make for a potent image but it almost look as if these shots came from another pictorial.

This was quite a nice set from Miller, although it lacked some of the passion of previous ones such as his own Pas de Deux from September 1977.

There had only been one girl/girl set in 1978 (but two three girl sets) but this one would be the first of no less than five girl/girl sets for 1979. However, the next Love Set will follow in February 1979 and will be a boy/girl one featuring Kelly Nicholls.


  1. I like and appreciate your use of outtakes. Good pictorial though not one of the best from Penthouse-Mike from "The Complete Book of Classic Penthouse Magazine Love Pictorials from the 1970's and 1980's".

  2. Not a huge fan of this pictorial - the pictures look very individually composed and posed, rather than looking like moments of genuine action caught on film. There's no sense that these two would be doing what they're doing if the photographer hadn't told them to.

    1. Yes. Fortunately before the end of the year they had a cracking girl/girl pictorial

  3. It says something when you find the horse and those oh-so-70's boot-things more interesting than the models (though, of course, cheers for sharing the layout). An oddity during a strong run for the mag.