Saturday, July 30, 2016

California Steamin' by Matti Klatt

Following on from Love All: Sauna or Later we have some more sauna threesome action but this time a boy/girl/girl set by Matti Klatt.

This comes from the January 1979 issue of Chic, Hustler's upmarket stablemate.  When Chic was launched in November 1977 it didn't feature any couples pictorials and it was only well into 1977 that it started to do so.  Over the next couple of years they started to appear regularly and sometimes there were even two in one issue.

To begin with Chic only featured full page or double page photographs, which gave their images a real impact.  However, it also meant that they did not contain as many images as, say, Penthouse's pictorials.

As we mentioned, in the Love All post, Triple P is not fond of saunas as he does not do well in the heat.  However, twenty years had passed from our first experience in Rome until our second one in, authentically, Sweden and I had forgotten about how unpleasant it was in the interim.

We had been invited to speak to a students' conference in one of the Baltic States about ten years ago and was very impressed when we arrived at the airport to find a car waiting and all our check in done in the car on the way to the hotel.  It was about eleven o'clock at night but being the summer was still bright daylight. Triple P was taken up to the rooftop bar, as we had asked if there was somewhere to get something light to eat and was introduced by my hosts to some of the students there.  They tended to cluster at tables according to nationality (they were from all over Europe) and we were shown to the Scandinavian group, as they all spoke very good English.  They seemed very impressed to meet me (much to our surprise) and one girl in particular, Swedish A (a prototypical blonde), was very attentive and friendly.  Well by the next evening we were both very friendly indeed even though Triple P was old enough to be her father, 

Anyway, we were travelling to Sweden quite a bit at that time so always made sure we saw each other when we visited Stockholm,  On one longer visit she took Triple P to her home in the country.  Expecting a romantic weekend we were surprised to find her mother (who was actually younger than Triple P) and her fifteen year old sister staying there. Still, Swedes are relaxed about these matters although we were wary when invited into the family sauna by A, before dinner the first day.  She insisted we both strip quite naked adding that towels were not necessary (exceptt o sit on) as we weren't in "prudish England".  It was hot but we seemed to be coping better with the heat compared with our previous visit to a sauna in Rome.

What Triple P was not expecting, however, was A's mother and sister to then join us in the sauna; both also completely naked.  Now Triple P is pretty relaxed about nudity but to sit with an attractive woman who was the mother of your girlfriend and her younger sister, when you had only met them a few hours before did feel quite odd.  Not because of anything sexual (it was too hot to think about that) but because Triple P was very conscious that he was not as fit as he might be at that point, and A's mother did triathlons (Ironman ones too, not those silly little ones) and didn't have an ounce of fat on her. While Scandinavians are used to seeing close friends and family naked in the sauna they don't usually do it with strangers so we think they were just teasing the Englishman! 

In Chic's sauna, however, the glistening bodies are all getting very tactile with each other and look nicely damp and shiny. Although the girl has her face between the man's legs there is nothing on show and apart from a couple of shots the girls aren't really displaying themselves either. This one  (like the shot of the two girls' busts) didn't appear in the magazine and is an outtake.

This is the only sex position shot in the pictorial but it's quite a good one as the girl caresses her friend's head while she is seemingly banged by the man.  He is resting his balls on the bench and may even have an erection which adds some veracity to the shot.

This is the nearest any of them get to kissing, sadly, but he does appear to be at least partly stiff in this shot.  So, quite a good sauna set with nice lighting and gleaming bodies. It doesn't have the passion of the Men Only threesome set, though.

To wind up our trio of magazine pictorials, suggested by the tennis girls in the sauna one, we will have a girl/girl tennis clothes set soon.

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