Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sneaky Xmas Gift Catalogue by Stan Malinowski

When is a Penthouse Love Set not really a Penthouse Love Set?  When it is. what wouldn't have been called at the time, an advertorial.  We actually thought about not including this pictorial in our chronological review of Penthouse Love Sets but it contains some striking images (not least this fine study) so decided to go ahead. 

It appeared in the November 1978 issue of the magazine and even featured on the cover in aphoto photo which, like the pictorial, was shot by Stan Malinowski (then pretentiously calling himself just Malinowski).

The first picture in the pictorial featured the cover girl, one of three models in the set.   They are not named in the text but this is Carrie Nelson, Pet of the Month for January 1978.

Next up we have one of two Brunettes in the shoot.  This is the peerless Deborah Zullo, Penthouse Pet of the Month for November 1977 and one of our favourites of the seventies.

The third model in the shoot is Pet of the Month for April 1973, Paula Francis (here on the left).  This is one of the few shots of all three girls together

So we get three Pets of the Month but which one is which, in this picture. we will leave you to judge.  These are early examples of the new high cut knickers (as you can see in comparison with the girl on the right's tan lines) which would start to appear over the next few years

Although there are some sapphic overtones in the shoot (actually rather more than overtones in some shots) this is actually an unusual pictorial for Penthouse in that it combines their normal fashion pictorial (which sometimes featured Penthouse Pets too) with a standard girl/girl approach.

For every one of the girl's outfits has the supplier, code number and price indicated in the piece.  So here we have Paula and Deborah (with the Penthouse key necklace) cavorting in nylon net with black Camelia lace (Paula) and sheer black net Swiss embroidered lingerie (Deborah).

Here we have blonde Carrie Nelson (who appeared in a number of other men's magazines at the time under a variety of different names) and Paula Francis (who doesn't seem to have done anything other than her Penthouse Pet shoot and this) looking sweet and innocent.  Well, maybe Carrie looks a bit more knowing.

Here we have Paula giving Carrie's perky breast a little squeeze and getting ready for some gently sensual caressing.  All of the lingerie for the shoot was provided by a shop called Viva in glamourous New Jersey. An almost, but not quite, matching babydoll and chemise here.

Paula and Carrie (bosom buddies, the text hilariously calls them) look striking in red satin.

Here we have one of the ladies in what the text describes as a Southern Belle-style cincher, although ,from the look of their taut stomachs in the other shots, she hardly needs it.

This is the last real fashion picture of what, despite its hybrid nature, is actually quite a successful set.  It's certainly a nice retro dose of lacy fantasy from a time when Triple P's schoolgirl girlfriend wore plain white cotton. We suppose at prices of around $15 -£35 the items were not the cheapest on the market at the time and we think all the outfits are nice and completely lacking in tacky sleaziness.

The last five pictures demonstrate why we did include this pictorial in among our Penthouse Love Sets as there is not a scarp of lingerie to be seen on any of the girls in these, with Paula (in tit licking action, above) being the most assertive.  It is a shame that this was the only other pictorial, apart from her Pet of the Month one in 1973 that she seems to have done.

Finally, these two get a good look at each other in what is a gently enticing pictorial.

We have one more Love Set from 1978 to post, which we scanned yesterday.  It is a boy/girl one and there would be two more of these before the end of the decade.  There are also five more girl/girl ones to come in the seventies.


  1. Wonderful blog - thank you for making these fantasy pictorials available. I have been looking for one I remember from my teenage years, although I can't remember which magazine it was in. It was the story of two policemen who were investigating a woman of ill repute. After some intimate questioning the policemen were left naked, handcuffed to her bed. I have searched high and low for this shoot, but have had no luck so far. Does anyone else remember this?

    1. Doesn't ring a bell with me. Perhaps someone else will know... What sort of year was this.

    2. I feel like it was the mid to late 1970s, but could possibly be very early 1980s.