Saturday, August 8, 2015

Young Lovers by Tom Poulton (1897-1963)

The Legatus has experienced a couple of unexpected sexual frissons this week and, given the anticipatory pleasures of seeing our particular friend A for some skinny dipping tomorrow, we thought we would do another post for The Seduction of Venus.   The first sexual frisson was caused by a very beautiful girl who got on the train at Triple P's station this week. She was dark haired with olive skin and the sort of pouting lips Triple P likes.  We were sitting on the seats which face each other across the carriage. Just before we got to the next station she got out a tube of body lotion and started to rub it into her lower legs.  This was distracting enough but then she slipped her hand up under her short, loose skirt to do her thighs too.  Marvellous!   The second incident was what engendered the thought of posting these pictures by Tom Poulton.  There are many small streets around Agent Triple P's new offices and as we went down one after work we came across an attractive couple having a full on snogging session on the pavement.  She had a nice ponytail (something we have always liked to see on a young lady) and he actually didn't have tattoos and a scuzzy beard as so many younger men seem to these days.  They carried on kissing and caressing as we walked towards them but just as we got to them the girl stepped aside slightly to let Triple P past and it was apparent that her male companion was patently erect.  Not surprisingly, as she was very cute in an eastern European slavic way.  "Get a room!" cries one of Triple P's friends when he sees such couples, who are not uncommon on Waterloo Station late at night.  But we enjoy seeing couples oblivious to others in the throes of public passion.  They make the world a better place!

Anyway, the girl with the pony tail and her passionate companion brought to mind this series of pictures by Tom Poulton and I have always thought it his most attractive and sexy series.  They go under the title of Young Lovers or On Campus and are obviously meant to depict the same couple.  The first two pictures have them walking out and about in, from the look of their clothes, the period between the late fifties and early sixties (Poulton died in 1963).  She is the sort of beat generation girl Poulton might have seen in the coffee bars around his favourite Bohemian pub, the Lamb in Lamb's Conduit Street in London.  The young lady is obviously very aroused as she rubs the crotch of her pedal pushers and caresses her breast under her sweater while exploring the boy's groin.

One of the characteristics of Poulton's drawings was the inclusion of sketches and alternative poses done as he worked out his ideas.  These give an interesting clue to his thinking and technique.  The sketch on the right shows him trying out the girl's weight bearing position on one leg, for example.

Here, in the last of their clothed pictures, the drawing of them kissing has been done over the top of the boy taking the girl from behind.  In another artist you might think that the copulatory image was, perhaps, indicative of their thoughts but Poulton, who was so poor that when he died his friends in his favourite pub had to have a collection to pay for his funeral, was probably just being economical on paper.

Here is a more packed page.  Poulton used, for most of these images, 'medium' (17½" x 22½") sized drawing tissue paper so he could pack in a lot of sketches.  Apart from the main drawing of our girl removing her trousers we have a couple of intercourse images, a penis portrait and some body part sketches.

Poulton also didn't care whether he drew pictures at ninety degrees from the others on the page so, partially hidden amongst all the other sketches but at right angles to them, is this sketch of our young couple masturbating for each other.

After the scene setting. Poulton has them going through their sexual paces starting with this erection rubbing picture.  There is also a smaller sketch of the girl and a rear entry scene.

More phallus caressing, with the top left rotated image being linked to the large one at right.  Some sketches of fingers and some fellatio shots too.

Here Poulton has tried out an alternative leg position of the girl as she places the glans of her boyfriend's penis against her lips.  A real economy of line here with her expression being particularly well done.  It's like she is saying "am I doing this right?"

More cock kissing here and also a couple of cunnilingus sketches as well as another intercourse one.  Again, the girl is more completely rendered than the boy here.

Three attempts at the girl before adding the excited young man whose face the girl sits astride.  There is an earlier sketch for this one on the right of the page above this one.

There is a lot going on here.  At top left we have two fellatio sketches and to the right of those is a soixante-neuf pose (with added anal finger penetration by the girl).  Very faint, and in the centre of the page the girls grasps the boy's erection while indulging in some anilingus.  More anilingus underneath, as the boy holds his erection while she has her face underneath his bottom.

More sixty-nine but this time the girl is on top.  The piece of 'furniture' featured in most of these sketches seems to be some sort of large cylinder; it's not entirely clear what it is but the size and shape is consistent in most of the sketches.

A slight variant on the faint anilingus sketch in the composite one two pictures above, as the girl tugs at his erection while he helpfully pulls his cheeks apart for her.

This time it's her turn to get her anus licked.  Poulton tries two variants here.  In the top the boy licks her pussy and presses his nose into her arsehole.  In the second, he licks her anus and fingers her vagina.

All this foreplay seems to have had the inevitable effect here as the boy appears to have semen running down his thigh.  Not surprising, given such a ponytailed passionate popsy!

There is utter delight on the face of the girl as her young man spurts forth a veritable fountain and she reaches out her hand to catch some.

The girl projects her own fountain in these two sketches as her young man helps her piss into the air.  I bet he doesn't have to mop it up, though!

A just before penetration pose here, along with some nipple sucking and pussy fingering in the smaller sketch.

Three different views of the boy's target and another pre-penetration pose with the girl reaching between her legs so as to guide him into her pussy.

Delight, ecstasy and fascination are depicted in these three intercourse drawings.  In this one, Poulton beautifully conveys the girl's happiness as her young man penetrates her.  Just a few slight changes in her face convey quite different states of mind in the two versions of her face he drew here.

There have been a number of rear entry sketches scattered about in these pages but this is the most developed one.  Here Poulton conveys the girl's ecstasy as the boy grabs her hips and thrusts into her.

In the final picture the girl watches in fascination as her boyfriend's cock slides inside her.  

There is a life and animation about these drawings that is particularly engaging.  It would be nice to think that Poulton worked with an uninhibited young couple to produce these sexy sketches but, as we discussed in our longer look at Poulton's work on Venus Observations we think that he was such an accomplished anatomist that he could produce wonderful drawings like these simply from his imagination.  Real or not they make a sexy couple and if they didn't exist we are sure there were some real examples in 1960 London, exploring each other for the first time.