Monday, August 3, 2015

Women in Love by Gajda

Here we have Penthouse's first Love Set for 1978 in the shape of a girl/girl pictorial by Gajda.  Having had four girl/girl sets in the magazine in 1975 and 1976, there were then only two lesbian pictorials in Penthouse in 1977.  

In fact, this one, Women in Love, appearing in February 1978's issue, would be Gajda's last Penthouse pictorial and the only girl/girl set to appear in the magazine in 1978; although there would be a three girl set in the April issue.

The opening double spread (top) sets the tone for a pictorial with plenty of passion in it.   There is none of the coy posing seen in some girl/girl sets of the time; these two really look like they are getting aroused by their interaction with each other.

There is some nice mouth to mouth action in this one; something, we would venture, that a girl/girl set really needs to be effectively arousing.

There is also some splendid tit licking as well; contributing to the heat in this set.

The girls are seen in a number of distinct outfits each.  In these ones the girl in the black fishnets sports a fetching hat and red shoes.  Nipple sucking and spread legs shots give this sequence some oomph.

For the remainder of the shoot they wear matching blue shoes and have a number of different tops.   Both girls are quite similar looking and their top halves are quite covered up in many of the shots.  The fist person (and pretentious, even by Penthouse's standards) narrative doesn't offer any names for either.

The photographer gives us several close up shots featuring the pussy of one girl and the bottom of the other.  Both have very hairy pussies, even by late seventies standards.

In this picture we have an unusual, for the time, close up of a tongue in close proximity to the other girl's pussy.  The lady being licked has a trail of hair going up to her belly-button.

The girl in the pale stockings is, very popular model of the time, Linda Gordon (also known as Stephanie Blum and Stephanie Platt.  

In this final shot she gets her nipple well sucked and has her pussy caressed by the other girl in what was a strong girl/girl shot for the time.  

Gordon first started to appear in men's magazines in 1976 and over the next couple of years appeared in a number of men's magazines.  Here she is in an early appearance, fronting up Gallery in July 1976.

Given her impressive bust it is not surprising that she appeared in many of the specialist big bust magazines, flaunting her distinctive nipples.

She also appeared in many of the second rank magazines such as Swank, Nugget and Cavalier.

Her highest profile pictorial was probably the one that appeared in December 1976's Men Only and January 1977's Club where she was the centrefold in both.  Unusually, the two magazines featured slightly different shots for her cover.  The Men Only one was particularly sexual for a UK men's magazine cover, even for this period.

The shots inside, by Fred Enke (credited as Olivia in Club), present Linda (or Rosie Whails, as Men Only named her) in the style she usually adopted in her magazine pictorials: legs spread assertively, her fingers parting her labia and an effectively ecstatic expression.  One of the strength's of Gordon's appearances in magazines was that she always managed to project an image of sexual arousal. This was strong stuff for a UK magazine at the time, although by the same time the following year Paul Raymond's magazines had backed off such explicit displays of their models genitals, leading to a separation in levels of explicitness between Men Only in the UK and Club in the US from then on.

Although Linda Gordon appeared in many magazines, Women in Love is the only girl/girl one we have been able to find.  She did do at least two boy/girl pictorials, with the same male model (who, it has been said, was her husband at the time) which are just short of hardcore.

She didn't appear in any films, although she may have done a few solo loops and disappeared at the beginning of the eighties.  Still, she helped give Women in Love a higher than normal passion quotient, making it one of Penthouse's best girl/girl pictorials of the seventies.

Our next Penthouse Love Set is a three girl one which dates from April 1978.


  1. Yes, I think this is the only girl/girl (or, my favorite 80's cover-copy line, 'lezzie lick-fest') lovely Linda did, and it's a smoker.
    Call me crazy (not the first time), but I'd lay good money that the dude she's messing with there is the 'stable boy' in that PH couple set with Susan Saxon.

  2. "Here she is in an early appearance, fronting up Gallery in July 1976." << fronting up indeed! Best nipples/lighting combination ever?

  3. Linda actually did one feature-ish soft-core film. It looked rather high budgeted, and had comedic elements. Linda came off far lighter and breezier than her many smoldering pictorials would suggest.