Monday, August 31, 2015

Two Women updated

We try to keep our blogs updated which means, essentially, three things.  Firstly, since we have increased the page size of the blogs many of the horizontal page pictures need resizing for better effect.  Given that Venus Observations has, for example, nearly 600 posts we don't have time to go through these systematically so we update them as we, perhaps, look back on them for reference purposes or if someone posts a comment.  The older posts actually require re-uploading of pictures as the size can't be changed.  Eventually, they will all be done for all blogs!  Secondly we become aware of typos and try to correct these.  Thirdly, we often find additional pictures we want to include (particularly in the Pubic Wars series).  We have a lot of these we need to do in the next few months.

Our friend C in New York recently sent us some alternative black and white pictures from the shoot James Baes did which appeared as Penthouse's first girl/girl shoot, Two Women, from December 1970.  I have posted them at the end of that pictorial here.

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