Sunday, August 30, 2015

Living Dolls by Earl Miller

Our next Penthouse pictorial, chronologically, is by Earl Miller and was the magazine's third girl/girl/girl set after Moulin Rouge in March 1976 and Class Reunion in February 1977.  

This set, Living Dolls, appeared in the April 1978 issue which was fronted by the magnificent Jane Hargrave.  Because this pictorial has a narrative thread we are incorporating the number of outtakes we have in the order in which they should appear. rather than including them at the end.  The outtakes are fairly easy to identify as the colour saturation is better.

The story in this one is of the classic store mannequins who come to life and is told from the point of view of one of the dummies, as we could call them in Britain.  They inhabit a trendy boutique in Manhattan and are looked after by store owner Luigi, who appears in some of the pictures at the beginning and end.  The first shot shows Luigi picking up one of the mannequins (Penthouse Pet of the Month for January 1976, Laura Favie) and then in the second shot she is standing up in the same position.  the effect is quite well done.

The narrator explains that while they enjoy being dressed up in clothes and occasionally being fondled by passers by, after midnight they come alive.

It's nice to see the three girls smiling in this pictorial, as they do as they start to undress each other.  We can well remember dresses like this from the late seventies!

As the three undress there is some nice caressing, kissing and licking.  The three models interact well together.  "Away from human eyes, when darkness falls, our perfect plastic bodies turn to tender flesh!"

The text explains that they are not just dolls but contain real women's hearts and souls.  It's all a bit metaphysical, really.  

These shots are Three Graces like but the overt pussy touching by another girl was still quite unusual in the magazine to date.

At last, two of the ladies get down to it on a chaise longue while the other watches and caresses herself   Some of these shots were quite graphic for Penthouse at the time and, no doubt because of this, this pictorial never appeared in the UK version.

The third girl joins in and Miller, in his only three girl set in the seventies or eighties, has them effectively arranged and shot from above.   

This picture was the most graphic lesbian shot in Penhouse so far, as one girl has her fingers right on the other's vulva while the anus displaying one on the right has her face between the middle girl's legs.

The strength of this pictorial is it's narrative and here, having got carried away with each other through the night, the girls realise that Luigi the store owner is returning, so they desperately try to get dressed in time.

 In fact, they don't manage it and Luigi is left to ponder the different poses of the girls and the fact that two of them appear to have put each other's dresses on.  "We contemplate how we might contrive to make Luigi stay with us all night tonight," concludes our mannequin narrator, in the text.

This is a great pictorial.  Miller handles the compositional challenges of having three models well and the story, simple though it is, helps too.  The set is excellent and really looks like a trendy boutique  The girls are all lovely and look similar enough that the idea of them being mannequins works too.

This would be Penthouse's last three girl pictorial of the seventies and in the eighties there would only be two (Camp-Fired Girls in November 1984 and Anna, Jane and Diane in January 1989).  Triple girl sets in the magazine wouldn't come into their own until the nineties.

Our next Love Set is the groundbreaking boy/girl one Dinner at Eight which we will endeavour to move along quickly.


  1. This is great and I like that you put the Outtakes with the published photos.

  2. Another I remember very well.
    I think, as you say, this set was the turning point for far more graphic layouts. The pic with the one girl's face buried in her pal's beaver, while the third touches herself really says it all.

  3. I always wanted to know who the center model with the blue print dress was. She seems familiar, and naturally she's gorgeous....I'd still like to know her name.