Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sea Song by FW Eck

Well, Triple P is back from Istanbul and so can continue with al fresco sex month, here on The Seduction of Venus.  There was no outdoor sex for Triple P last week (plenty of the indoor variety) partly because Istanbul is so overcrowded (the sixth most populous city in the world) that finding a quiet outdoor spot is virtually impossible.

Anyway, time for another Penthouse couples pictorial and this one is conveniently al fresco.  Actually, we are cheating a bit because it isn't the next pictorial in our chronological survey but as it is the next but one we thought we could stretch our rules a bit and we will put the other one up soon.   This one appeared in the December 1977 issue.

This pictorial was shot by photographer FW Eck, about whom we can discover nothing whatsoever.  This is the first of just four pictorials he (we assume it is a he) did for Penthouse and the only couples one.  He did one Pet of the Month shoot; Angela Hyer (British actress Victoria Tennant) which appeared in May 1978.

All of his pictorials were effectively sensuous and it's a shame that he didn't do more of them.   The lady in this one is Teri Christiansen who would appear in a solo pictorial shot by Eck in the April 1978 issue of Penthouse.  We will post this on Venus Observations shortly. 

These ones of Teri in her white bikini are unusual in that they are in natural colours.  For the rest of the pictorial Eck used, for some reason, an orange filter which gives the pictures a strange other-worldly look.

Here the man starts to remove Teri's bikini.  The bottom shot of the three is particularly effective as she arches her back to receive his kiss, his arms supporting her as her bikini bottoms fall from her body.

Here she gets to strip him, in turn and provides a suggestive, implied fellatio shot.  The accompanying text is very much from the purple prose end of the Penthouse spectrum; in this case suggesting a classical back story (despite the man's very nineteen seventies swimming trunks!)


"Naked she appeared to the stranger. She of the enchanted isle.  Half woman, half goddess, her body was legend, the great sea her only master."  It goes on to describe him.  "Naked she found him, too, the prisoner of some interminable journey.  Ulysses, a wanderer, tossed by merciless seas.  But on this flesh-warm and alien shore, Poseidon was gentle."

So, it is back to the days of Greek myth and Homer's Odyssey.  He the wandering Ulysses and she a water nymph.  Anyway, we are obviously supposed to imagine them frolicking in the waters of the Mediterranean.

In fact, the only time Triple P has had any intimate adventures in the sea was in a small inlet in the Ionian Sea in Greece, where the usually rather prim lady we were with was suddenly overcome by some mythical sea-nymph erotic urge and dispensed with her swimsuit before removing Triple P's and indulging in some sub surface activity.  You couldn't do it in Britain, of course, as the water is too cold usually and we haven't been to a whole lot of beaches around the world as we tend to find them rather dull.  Having Teri to hand would enliven them no end, however.

In fact, rather surprisingly, the shoot was done on the Rosario Islands, which are a small archipelago just off the coast of Colombia, about 30 miles south of the Caribbean city of Cartagena, which Triple P visited 18 months ago.  Ten years after this pictorial they were designated as a national park.

We do like to see kissing in couples pictorials and, as we have mentioned before, it isn't as common as you might think.   Eck gets his couple looking convincingly affectionate, however.

"With his tongue, Ulysses traces the contours of her form, lodging at last within the salted recesses of her body," continues the text, breathlessly.  We're not sure what the Canadians would have made of this shot, given they turned back the issue containing The Lady and the Stableboy in May that yeardue to its similarly assertive groin munching shot.

The man looks understandably delighted to be lodged between Teri's lovely long thighs in the shallows.

Finally, Teri presents, her rear end in one of only two pussy (and anus) revealing shots of the pictorial.   This is an excellent pictorial, despite the strange orange filter and the couple generate some real passion in it even though it is not really that explicit.   It would be seven months before Penthouse had another couples pictorial but next we have to go back in time and present the rather strange boy/girl/girl one we have jumped.


  1. Replies
    1. Still not sure about the orange!

    2. Yeah, it is pretty orange...but the kissing is a nice touch, like you said!

  2. They do look like they honestly enjoy each other's company and are not just posing. I like the orange filter. It gives the photos an ethereal or unearthly quality.

  3. Rather incongruously, he looks like he's yawning after just being wokened up in the opening pic though... Sea dweller indeed

  4. 1) Orange is the new black (-: 2) Yes! This could be a Photography 101 textbook for implied motion: "Here the man starts to remove Teri's bikini. The bottom shot of the three is particularly effective as she arches her back to receive his kiss, his arms supporting her as her bikini bottoms fall from her body." < I nearly lost it in that photo.