Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mikki Makes a Movie by Ralph Nelson

Given all the pleasing support for our blogs over the recent Google censorship issue, we thought it might be a good idea to look at the comments on some of our posts where a particular girl or pictorial has been requested to see if we can fulfill some of these.  One recently mentioned a girl called Mikki Dessa who, we admit we didn't remember.


However, a little research on our list of Penthouse pictorials showed that it wasn't a solo girl pictorial at all but was actually a couples one appearing in the July 1973 issue.  So why hadn't we included it in our chronological "love sets" coverage?  Quite simply because it was an example of something that both Penthouse and Playboy did back in the sixties and seventies in that it was a pictorial tied to a particular film.  Typically, a specially shot piece from the set featuring a lead or, more usually, a minor actress from a forthcoming film.  Occasionally, the piece might feature a couple as is the case here.   This one was shot outside so, happily, fits in our al fresco sex theme.

Mikki Dessa, Penthouse told us, was twenty-one years old and born in Indonesia.  After a lot of mystical nonsense about people turning themselves into ponies when she was growing up in New Guinea, the piece says that she plays "a small part in White Lightening, and for a few screen moments she turns an erotic vignette opposite co-star Bo Hopkins into a memorable piece of honest filmmaking."  Penthouse speak for "she only appears in a gratuitous sex scene".  So, here is Mikki, no doubt contemplating her script and hoping that her Penthouse pictorial will make her the next big thing.

White Lightning (1973) was one of those Burt Reynolds and cars in the South films, from the time when he was still a proper actor and before he became a parody of himself.  It was supposed to be the big screen debut of Steven Spielberg, who did several months pre-production on it before going on to make Sugarland Express (1973) instead.  White Lightning also saw the uncredited debut of a six year old Laura Dern.

So, off Mikki goes, flaunting her 5' 3", 35-23-35 figure in the Southern swamps and waiting for the casting directors to call.

Unfortunately for Mikki, it never happened.  She isn't mentioned in the cast of White Lightning and it seems her scene with Bo Hopkins was cut, possibly to get the film the PG certificate it ended up with.  A love scene of the sort indicated by this pictorial would have prevented that.

So, here is our second actor in our al fresco drama.  South Carolina born Bo Hopkins had already made a name for himself in the Sam Peckinpah western, The Wild Bunch (1969) and had been appearing on screen since 1966.  He has worked steadily ever since in feature films and TV, including a recurring role in Dynasty in the eighties.

We have two basic locations for the couple's scenes together: Amongst the trees in the swamp and on a wooden landing stage.  As the scene didn't appear in the finished film it is difficult to know which one was shot for the film.

Here they are on the landing stage with Mikki popping perkily out of her blouse and Bo looking mean and moody.  You'd think he would look happier when presented with such a pleasing pair but perhaps he is acting.

Anyway, Bo begins by exploring Mikki's bust in only Penthouse's fourth couples pictorial to date.

As was often the way in films in this period, while the girl has to get naked the man keeps his jeans on.   We get a nice kiss, as well as Bo's hand wandering up between Mikki's legs.

In fact, this picture, where he has his forearm on her pussy, was the most explicit shot in a Penthouse couples pictorial so far.  So, in retrospect, we were wrong to eliminate this as a couples pictorial and will add it to our index on the right.    It's a shame we never saw any more of Mikki but she is certainly beautifully captured in this erotic vignette by photographer Ralph Nelson; one of just five Penthouse pictorials he shot at the time.


  1. Not a cut scene, but clearly a bare-faced (and bare-assed) promo pic set. ;)
    Mikki aside, when I think of Hopkins, I think 'American Graffiti' - he's great in that.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I've been searching a long time

  3. Michael Carvalho SilvaAugust 2, 2015 at 12:24 AM

    Bo Hopkins, Charles Martin Smith, Clint Howard, Gailard Sartain and William Hootkins was very cute, sexy and sweet back in day. They all was really hunk and nice male sweethearts in Hollywood. And the eternal Superman Christopher Reeve was such a knockout back in day too.

  4. Michael Carvalho SilvaAugust 7, 2015 at 11:19 PM

    Timothy Bottoms and Charles Martin Smith was two of my first crushes when i was a child. Bo Hopkins was very handsome and adorable back in day and Dominic Purcell is the sexiest british actor ever.