Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Lady and the Stableboy by Earl Miller

Time for another Penthouse "love set" The Lady and the Stableboy by Earl Miller.  It's about, er, a lady and her stableboy. The lady is called Amanda in the accompanying story and is played by the lovely Pet of the Month from October 1976, Suzanne Saxon, who was just 21 at the time this pictorial was published.  The stableboy, Sven, is played by a very nineteen seventies looking man with a very nineteen seventies looking mustache.

This set comes from the May 1977 issue and is the second of what would eventually be four boy/girl pictorials in that year.

The writer can't resist lots of references to stallions, of course, and the text is rather more graphic and less poetic than some of the previous ones. "My pussy was wet and my whole body ached with lust!" it begins, breathlessly. 

Saxon looks just gorgeous in this and her lovely smile adds considerably to her allure in the opening shots.

Unusually, there aren't any shots of the couple removing their clothes in stages, as was usually the case in couples pictorials. First they are fully dressed and next they are naked, although, enticingly Suzanne keeps her boots on for her initial poses.

Sazon displays her awesome bush to great effect; set off by her  strong tan lines.  She doesn't need the disguising effect of clothes as her wonderful body looks great from any angle.

Although Sven never flashes his manhood (it was still very rare in Penthouse at the time) Suzanne's hand position suggests an implied erection here.

There are a much higher number of oral shots in this pictorial compared with its predecessors.  Here Sven gets a good mouthful of Suzanne's bushy pussy. Her hanging from the branch pose looks quite precarious but very sexy!

One positive aspect of Miller's shoot here is the number of sensual caressing shots of the couple.  They do have a convincing chemistry which certainly had not always been the case in Penthouse's love sets.

Certainly, Suzanne must have been pretty comfortable with the male model to pose for another intimate oral shot like this.

Finally, we get a, still unusual, implied fellatio shot.  Although The Lady and the Stableboy is not as explicit as some of Penthouse's previous girl/boy love sets, Miller did an excellent job on it and Saxon is an utter delight throughout.


  1. Saxon is amazingly sensual in this set! Did she appear in any other sets?

    1. Not couples sets although I do have a trio of mild girl/girl pictures done a year or so earlier. Just her Pet and Pet of the year sets. I've heard she appeared in Oui but haven't been able to identify the set. I've got all the seventies ones so I need to have a look.

  2. She's lovely but he may be even hotter!

  3. This issue is famous for being (briefly) blocked from distribution in Canada due to the pic of Saxon dangling from the tree while the dude butters her muffin (deemed too "explicit").
    It was quickly reprinted minus that shot.