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Class Reunion by Ken Marcus

Class Reunion was the second three girl pictorial published by Penthouse after Robert Farber's Moulin Rouge in March 1976.  This time a Ken Marcus shoot, it displayed his characteristic soft focus effect, which he employed extensively from his first shoots at Penthouse in the early seventies.

This pictorial appeared in the February 1977 issue, so a month after the previous "Love Set" The Lady and the Lusty Scamp.  In the UK it appeared in the same issue as Scamp, Volume 11 number 12, which was published the following month, in March.  The UK cover was completely different and shows how much more upfront the UK covers could be compared with the American edition which had taken nipples off the cover from July 1976.

We have sourced the pictures for this post from both UK and US issues, although the pictorials were identical, unlike The Lady and the Lusty Scamp which had some pictures removed in the UK edition.

The story behind this pictorial is not as complex as some Penthouse had had in the past.  In fact basically it is just about three "very, very close friends" and their "voluptuous reunion".  That's it really.

Harking back to the outdoor settings of Penthouse's original girl/girl sets we have a lot of frolicking about outside. The setting is very much a garden rather than the countryside, though.

We soon move inside and find the girls posing in exactly the same gently sensuous way seen in the magazine five years earlier.

Gradually, however, the caresses become more intimate; lips are kissed, breasts are fondled.  "There is an urgency about their movements now, their hearts beating wildly as they kiss, stroke, and tenderly explore each mouth and body."

Oddly, in all the diffused, washed out colour there is this one crisper full page shot and a very nice shot it is too.  Kissing, nipple sucking and the first of only two pubic shots in the pictorial. 

The shots get bolder with more nipple sucking and several pictures of heads nestling between thighs.  Likewise, the accompanying text gets more lurid.  "White thighs move against each other in the moist, ecstatic rhythms of love.  Two women gently hold down the third - her wrists and legs pinioned as they suck each nipple in turn before descending to the moist cleft between her legs."

These two pictures combine nuzzling with tactile-looking gripping as bottom and bust are clasped.  "As she moans and writhes on the floor she is brought to a shuddering climax by her playmates."  Not Playmates of course, that would be a whole different magazine.

Finally, in only the second pubic shot in the pictorial, we have one girl sliding her hand dangerously close to the other's vulva although the soft focus reaches new heights (depths?) of fuzziness. 

This was only Ken Marcus' second "love set" for Penthouse, five years after his first, One and one make free from 1972.  After this he wouldn't do another Penthouse pictorial for ten years.  Marcus was the first American photographer to shoot for Penthouse but he had left the magazine in 1974 to become West Coast contributing photographer at Playboy.  We suspect that, given the style, this may be an old set, which Marcus did prior to his move to Playboy, as it looks more typical of 1973 or 1974 than 1977.

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