Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Housebreakers by Jeff Dunas

It's time for another in our chronological series of Penthouse "Love Sets" and we move on to The Housebreakers by Jeff Dunas.

Appearing in the last issue of 1976 it was the fifth boy/girl pictorial from 1976 which, given that there had only been six in the four years before this, shows how these types of pictorials were becoming a staple of the magazine.  

The text accompanying the pictorial was written in the first person in a (not very good) pastiche of a pulp detective novel.  Two guests at a garden party break into a house.  It was full of dreadful double entendres about exploring nooks and crannies and such like.

Anyway, the prototypically seventies man not only looks frighteningly like Borat but has execrable taste in clothes.   A brown shirt and a red kipper tie with a white suit is not  a good look but he is, according to the story, supposed to be a private detective.

It doesn't take him long to  reveals some big flares as well as the young lady's, really rather fine,  posterior.  

A couple of very tactile nipple tweaking shots follow and a very perky pair she has too.  She's a real beauty but we have no idea who she is.  She doesn't look like any Pet we recognise.

A couple of quite naughty for the time faux fellatio shots follow.  The one immediately above was obviously just too naughty for the UK edition as this picture was cut from the British issue.

The man takes his turn with some implied oral now while the girl flashes her tan lines.

Surprisingly this one did appear in the UK issue although the man's skin was darkened to make his penis leas obvious.

Can I touch my toes?  Why bother when I can touch this girl's bottom instead!

This is an athletic pose with an added frisson being provided by her hand disappearing between his legs.

It's nice to have a kissing picture; these pictorials didn't always have them by any means.

In these two it's quite clear where her hand is straying to even if we don't get to see it.

Although Penthouse had been getting their models to flash their bits for some years doing so in a couples pictorial was a very recent development and still unusual. 

A couple of good girl on top shots culminate with this balls caressing one.  Again, this photo didn't appear in the UK edition.

A contemplative post-coital shot concludes the pictorial and a cute look from our young lady.

An effective pictorial, this, and one where, unusually, we were able to put the pictures in some form of chronological order without the usual inconsistencies in clothing you usually get.

 We have just learned that the young lady posed under the name of Molly McReady  in the January 1976 issue of Men Only in the UK.

She was the centrefold girl in a pictorial by Fred Enke.  It's a shame she didn't do more work.

Next up Penthouse gets piratical with another period piece...


  1. Always thought the guy looked like Kurt Vonnegut of Slaughterhouse 5 etc fame Incongruous I know...

  2. Thank you for posting. Love the girl and guy!

  3. Michael Carvalho SilvaSeptember 21, 2014 at 12:32 AM

    This is so sexy. Jeff Dunas is married with the american actress Elyssa Davalos who was act with the major hottie Charles Matin Smith and the beautiful blondie Cloris Leachman in the classic Disney Herbie's movie "Herbie Goes Bananas" then i watched in the teather with my dead father Luíz when i was only four years old. I also had the DVD of this same film. Jeff and Elyssa are the parentes of the actress Alexa Davalos who starred the remake of "Clash Of The Titans." The girl of this pictorial is very beautiful and the guy is very sexy and hot with a delicious and exquisite body.

    1. Thanks for that! I didn't realise Dunas was the father of Alexa Davalos!

  4. This is one of my favorite pictorials. Their actual real names are Susan and Dirkran. To find out more about all the Penthouse love sets please check out my book The Complete Book of Classic Penthouse Magazine Love Pictorials from the 1970's and 1980's available on EBay and Amazon. Twitter: phcouples7080 Sorry there are no images in the book-this is actually explained in the book! Enjoy this great era-Mike.