Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Enema at the Gates 3: A series by Julie Delcourt

The slinky blonde catches her young charges up to no good in front of the mirror,  the girl realises she has been caught but the boy is too busy licking and masturbating

Some of the most popular posts on this blog have been the two ones featuring enemas so, given that it's more than two years since our last post on the subject, we thought we would put some more up.

Innocently playing with his toy truck the blonde tells him he needs a good irrigate.  "That'll teach you," thinks the girl

We have shown some of the delicate watercolours by the person known as "German" before.  Since then we have been informed that the artist of these picture is Julie Delcourt, and even that isn't for certain.  Certainly information is very thin on who the artist was or when she (or he) was active.

The girl checks on what is happening and finds the scene unexpectedly arousing

We'll look at the mystery of the artist's identity in another post but one think that is clear is that some of her paintings are linked in small series, rather in the manner of pre-war French erotic postcards, as they have the same protagonists.

The blonde decides that the girl needs a good seeing to as well especially as she feels so moist on her fingers

Not unusually for Delcourt's work we have an older woman and younger protagonists: in this case again, as is often the case, a boy and a girl.

Here the boy does his own spying as the blonde gives the girl an enema and licks out her pussy at the same time

It is not at all clear what the relationship between the three is.  The most obvious suggestion is that it is a mother and her children but given the activity they get up to we would like to think that it is perhaps a stepmother or an aunt and cousins, perhaps.

The blonde decides over the next day that both need to receive enemas regularly

Some of the signed Delcourt drawings which have turned up are dated 1938 but the older woman's clothes and hairstyle in this look like they are from twenty years later.

Here the boy gets his turn while lying across the girl's body who looks like she is going to be next

The series doesn't have a strict chronological sequence but the settings are the same.

 The girl has been roped in to provide sufficient pressure for the boy's next dose.  The blonde appears to be examining the boy's erection.

Whatever the real intended story, even if there was one, it is a racy sequence executed with characteristic delicacy, despite the subject matter.

The blonde now takes the girl's place while the boy plays with himself.

Here, the girl gets a bulb enema again while the blonde pushes it in with her groin

The final picture carries a hint of revenge as the girl pins the blonde's hair to the bed while the boy ravishes her at the same time as her enema is inserted.

We'll have more of these outrageous but beautifully executed paintings soon.


  1. I consider that this "Julie Delcourt" is an invention. There is no serious proof about this name. And for the pictures, it's clear for me that they are illustrations for books. The real mystery is that nobody was able to show from wich books they are coming from.

    1. There are so many of them. Most book illustrations run to 15 or 2o pictures but there are far more than that.