Monday, December 30, 2013

Top Five New Posts of 2013

It's end of year list time so we thought we would look at the top five new posts of 2013 on the Seduction of Venus of the 23 we posted.  Sadly, we haven't been able to post as much as we would have liked due to a lot of international travel this year to Europe and South America.  Hopefully there will be more seduced Venuses in 2014!

To make the top five the posts have to have been put on the blog in 2013. 

Posted June. 3,704 views

The Hawaiian American artist's seventies-style watercolours come in at number one.  It's great to see an art post take the top spot!

Posted November. 2,127 views

It achieved second place despite only having been posted just over a month ago.  This was requested by a couple of people so it's good to see that others appreciated it. Quite explicit for the time and boosted by an attractive couple of models have made this a popular choice.

Posted January.  1,869 views

Another art post doing well, although this has been up since January.  Dodson's drawings were some of the first contemporary erotic art we ever saw.  We will post some more shortly.

Posted September. 1,592 views.

Just a couple of girls kissing but very popular nonetheless.  While putting this post together I found a couple more shots from the pictorial which I have now put in the main post.

Posted April. 1,360 views

A pre-Star Wars SF couples pictorial from Penthouse's July 1976 issue, when people of the future still wore a lot of silver foil.  Surprisingly, the only Penthouse couples pictorial to make the list.

So, our main target will be to beat 23 posts in 2013.  We already have a number in preparation so hope to get January off to a passionate start!

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