Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hayloft Harvest from Hustler May 1979

We posted a couple of pictures from this pictorial which appeared in the May 1979 issue of Hustler in our latest Pubic Wars blog entry.  Several people have said that they liked these and would like to see more so we have included the whole pictorial together with some outtakes. 

The extra shots help tell more of the story and have enabled us to put them in something approaching chronological order.  This first shot wasn't in the magazine but introduces us to our girl in the barn next door. It's her wonderful smile that makes this set so enticing.

The first picture in the actual magazine pictorial was this double spread showing our male protagonist spying the splendid young lady in the hay as she strokes herself inside her sensible white knickers.  

The very brief text accompanying the pictorial suggests the man (played by porn star Mike Ranger) is the new hired farmhand and the girl is the farmer's daughter.  Ranger worked in porn films for just over a decade.  He eventually married Penthouse Pet of the Month for April 1980, Loni Sanders.

Our farmhand soon gets to grips with the farmer's daughter and photographer Suze Randall gives us this nice up the skirt shot.  The girl has convincingly changed expression from flirtatious to something more passionate.  The fact that she is looking at the camera makes the viewer into another voyeur in the barn.

The farmer's daughter's knickers are soon pulled off, revealing her pink pussy as the farmhand enjoys a squeezing her bust (understandably).

Again, the girl's expression is what makes this picture.  He seems to be looking at her as if to check that what he is doing is alright and she is making it quite clear that it is!

The farmer's daughter soon engages in her own unveiling and reveals the farmhand's agricultural tool, which she soon takes in hand.

This is probably the most erotic shot in the pictorial; with our farmer's daughter sucking the farmhand's finger while his erection almost touches her cheek as she touches her clitoris.

None of these five shots appeared in the magazine pictorial and it would be some time before the girl would be allowed to be shown actually having any oral contact with the man's cock like this in mainstream men's magazines.  

This pictorial has the usual issue of not being shot in a precise sequence, of course, unless the process of removing his jeans has meant that the farmhand has lost some of his interest.  More likely the pictorial was shot in softer and harder (literally)  versions.  The pictures that Hustler eventually used were rather more explicit as regards the depiction of the man's erection than they had shown to date.

This pussy spreading shot was also rather more explicit than Hustler had had in most of it's couples pictorials as well.

Next up we have a trio of aerial shots of our agricultural couple in a soixante-neuf position.  The first and second shot are almost identical except in the second photo the tip of his penis is just visible, which may be another case of two versions being prepared.  The bottom picture is a rather more explicit cunnilungus shot than could have appeared in the magazine at the time.  Her expression and look of utter abandon is wonderful here.

Three passionate copulation shots now, with the girl selling the action with her great expressions again.

The top shot here appeared in the magazine (albeit reversed - we have flipped it as this appears to be the correct way around) and is a crop of the image below.  After months of complaints about "limp dicks" in the magazine by some readers this pictorial was one of the first to address this issue.  The genital contact here is successfully tactile.

Again, the top shot here was flipped in the magazine but was an unusual and unashamed depiction of an erection with no "is it or isn't it?" doubt as to whether the member concerned was being held erect, as had happened before.  Her gaping display and inviting anus contribute to the sexual abandon in the shot.

Our penultimate shot was the final one in the magazine: a two page spread that was the closest to the actual depiction of fucking that Hustler had done so far.  His cock head nuzzles at her pussy just half an inch from penetration.  This shot was popular with the readers: "I couldn't believe that Hayloft Harvest pictorial in May! Fantastic! It's about time! Now that you have got it up and touching let's get it in!" said the excited JW from San Geronimo, California.  It would be a long time before full penetration was shown in men's magazines sold at newsstands, however, and not long after this, as the more conservative eighties arrived, Hustler would back off on the explicitness of its couples pictorials for a time.

This shot didn't appear in the magazine and is the only one of the girl completely naked.  The girl appeared in a number of pictorials from 1979 to 1983 but because she used a lot of pseudonyms it is difficult to identify her.   She appeared in a number of hard core short film loops as well as soft core (Men Only, Genesis, Club, Swank, Game, Penthouse) and hard core magazines.

As Iris on the cover of November 1979's Club

This was the first  of her magazine pictorials that we can find but if you follow our Pubic Wars series on Venus Observations we will see much more of her in the next few episodes: starting with the one covering October to December 1979 (the one after next).  She appeared under the names: Monica Blakey, Jeffi Pauling, Jan, Iris, Priscilla, Sally, Sue and Suzie. The name Misty Knight has also been proposed for her.  If any of our readers know any more about her we'd love to know as she brought a real erotic passion to her work which makes her stand out as a model in this period.


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    1. Good erotica should arouse both sexes!

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