Monday, February 25, 2013

1876 by Gajda

The second of Penthouse's Bicentennial issue pictorials was a girl/girl one by Gajda.  This photographer is sometimes credited as "Zee Gajda" and also worked for Viva, Gallery and Male.  Other than that I can find nothing about them.  This was the first of his (or her) pictorials for Penthouse of which three out of the four would be lesbian themed ones.

This was one of three "Love Sets" in this issue; the most ever.  Penthouse had published nine previous girl/girl sets but seven of these had been in the previous fifteen months.

It's always nice to start one of these pictorials with a kiss and that is what we get here.  There is no story in  the text accompanying this pictorial (c.f. 1776, for example) and, indeed, we are not told the ladies names (real or fictional), as in most of the previous lesbian Love Sets.  No stories of absent boyfriends to distract us, just two attractive young ladies in period costume in a nicely dressed set.

We don't know much about the period dress for women in 1876 but we suspect it would have been rather more structured and confining than shown here; but the overall effect is fine.  Certainly there would have been enormous bustles as well as corsets.

What the feature did talk about was a selection of other, somewhat random, events from 1876 including: Custer and the Little Big Horn, Sigmund Freud being at university, and the fact that losing candidate in the Presidential election, Samuel J Tilden, had a large collection of erotic literature.   Also mentioned were votes for women champion Susan B Anthony and Queen Victoria who, that year, became Empress of India.  What the latter two women would have thought of these photographs would have been interesting, especially, as the piece mentioned, Victoria later refused to allow a law banning female homosexuality as she couldn't even contemplate the existence of such a thing.

Anyway, the first few photos have them gazing admiringly at portions of each other's anatomy.  The lady on the left displays a pair of very cute dimples!

This pictorial is unusual amongst those girl/girl sets published in Penthouse to this point in that it has several shots of the women on their own.  This one, in particular, was also unusually explicit and was only the third picture of a model's anus to appear in the magazine.

Here is the same girl again with another bold rear-end shot.  This is a very bottom fixated pictorial, but that, we have to say, is a good thing!.  

The photographs, more than any other girl/girl set they had had, portray only parts of the women's anatomy in many pictures.  You can only see both their faces, for example, in just three photos.  Here we have more appreciative bottom gazing.

In each of these pictures we get a shot of the girl from behind with just the hands being visible of the other girl.  The one immediately above is notable as being the first picture in Penthouse where one girl actually opens up the labia of the other.  In fact this move hadn't even been done in a solo yet at this point.

In the final shot of the pictorial we still don't get both women's faces but we do get the only shot of breasts in the entire pictorial.  More interestingly, the girl on the right displays an unshaven armpit which, of course, is nicely period accurate!   So, this set, which we do like, was, in some ways a straying from the path, stylistically, of what had been established for Penthouse's girl/girl pictorials over the previous years.  The next one, in October 1976 would be even more radical.  Before that, however, we have the final Love Set from the July 1976 issue, the boy/girl 2076, to post.


  1. As a guy, I find the art and the photos here to be so erotic as to make me wonder why women want men at all.

    The female form is so sensual; even (IMO) other women must find them desirable.

    I'm just a guy; maybe there is something "at work beneath the hood" of women; like with men; that negates that feeling; I can't know.

    Thanks for the posts and the Art and the pictures!

  2. Good comment. Quite a lot of my ex-girlfriends were into girls too: sometimes as a one-off experiment sometimes for longer periods. What is true about most of them is they had a genuine admiration for the female form -something the fashion and beauty industries tap into. Quite a few followers of my blogs are women.

    1. Thanks for the reply!

      I'm also glad that you mentioned that you have other blogs; I checked your profile and found the list; I'm going to visit each one and I expect I'll find that all are as well and tastefully done as this one.

      You have a new fan and follower; thanks for the great quality work.

  3. Can't quite figure out how to contact you, the admin of this site. I use Tumblr blogs usually but am in need of some assistance. I found a picture that I had in an old Gallery Magazine from the 70s, it was an ad that said Don't stop with just one. I'm trying to find out what pictorial it came from and have had no luck. In fact I had been searching for this one pic since I got the internet in 1995, I finally found it today. I don't know if this blog will let me, but I have the links to the pictures both hosted on an image sit. The ad is from the March 1976 issue of Gallery, I can only assume that the pictorial is from an earlier issue. If you have any information in this pictorial, please reply, the pictorial personifies the professional nature of vintage erotica.