Monday, January 16, 2012

Kissing Venuses 6: Karissa and Kristina Shannon

Celebrity Big Brother is currently running on Channel 5 at present, although their definition of what constitutes a celebrity is somewhat loose. Amongst the non-entities participating this year, however, are  Playmates of the Month for July and August 2009, Karissa and Kristina Shannon who were caught having this rather more than sisterly kiss a little while ago.

The sisters were born in Ann Arbor, Michigan (where Agent Triple P's uncle lived for some years) and were just nineteen when they appeared as Playmates.  Unlike other twins who had appeared in the magazine's centrefold who shared the month, Karissa became Miss July and Kristina Miss August (although sharing a centrefold) as Playboy's economy drive meant only 11 issues a year were produced in 2009.

In the Big Brother house

Hugh Hefner has been following their "performance" in the Big Brother House and they even interviewed him by satellite the other evening.  The Shannons were famously part of a group of three "girlfriends" (the nature of Hefner's "girlfriends" is unclear these days - not much more than paid decoration, it seems) that Hefner had with Crystal Harris.  Once he got more serious with Harris the twins either moved out of the Playboy Mansion West or were pushed, depending on who you listen to.

The Shannon twins, Hefner and Crystal Harris

Latterly, the twins had starred in The Girls Next Door a bizarre reality show about Hefner's various live in girlfriends which we have not seen, we have to confess.  Speaking to someone who, tragically, does watch Celebrity Big Brother, they have been acquitting themselves quite well, do not seem to be the airheads one might expect and have been keeping the various Z-list male "celebrities", who obviously thought they would be able to "collect" a Playmate, well in their places.

Is this how most twins share chocolate treats?

Self-proclaimed ladies man Frankie Cocozza, who was thrown out of this year's X-Factor for admitting to taking cocaine (at least it was before he was thrown out for not being able to sing), and collects a certain type of woman  like others collect beer mats (both being just as classy) obviously fancied his chances when the twins arrived.  He has now admitted he finds them intimidating.  Triple P walked past Frankie in the street a couple of month ago and the reason he probably finds them intimidating is because he is very short and they are 5' 10".

Playboy has featured a number of sets of twins as Playmates since the first ones, Mary and Madeleine Collinson, in October 1970.  How you picture two naked girls who are sisters has always needed a certain delicacy.  You want them to be sexy but not exhibit any implied sexuality between them.  Or do you?  The Collinson's Playboy feature was very chaste but that certainly wasn't the case for some of their other photoshoots and (particularly) films where they were portrayed several times "interacting" with each other.

We will look at other Playboy twins shortly but the Shannons certainly had one or two photos in their Playboy shoots which were quite close to the line.  This is something they play up to, as our top picture shows.  However, it must be remembered that when they moved into the Playboy Mansion West the first thing they requested was Hugh Hefner's round bed from the Chicago mansion for them both to sleep in.  Hmm.

Triple P has never interacted with twins or even sisters although he did have a brief thing with two cousins in Italy one summer.  This involved the two girls being very intimate with each other (which we gathered they had been before they met Triple P (at a dinner in a very nice house on the Gianicolo)).  It's not the same as sisters, however.

However, the first girl we kissed (on New Year's Eve 1975) demonstrated to Triple P how he should do it, after our first somewhat tentative attempt, on her slightly older sister.  This was a fully-fledged French kiss with neck stroking and even a bit of bottom squeezing.  Strangely, at the time, it didn't give us the erotic frisson it should have done in retrospect, as we were so anxious about our second attempt.  The older sister wanted to give Triple P a direct demonstration but the younger one wouldn't let her, sadly.

The top picture of the kissing Shannons caused something of an uproar and lots of negative comments about incest.  This is slightly ridiculous as a kiss can't possibly constitute incest anyway and, given that bans on sex between relations is designed to stop inbreeding, then it couldn't possibly be an issue for sisters.  They were probably just showing off for the camera!

So when does the posing of two naked sisters together cross the line (for many, with two naked sisters posing together!)?  That is a question to be answered in another post!