Saturday, December 29, 2012

Three's Company by Mindas

It's four months since we posted our last Penthouse Love Set, the racy Easy Riders by Earl Miller,  This pictorial appeared in the same issue, May 1976, and was the first time that Penthouse had put two couples pictorials in the same issue.

They couldn't have been more different in style, however, with Miller's passionate and explicit pictorial contrasting with the much lighter tone of Three's Company by Mindas.  Mindas's only other Penthouse credit was for the pictorial of Derna Wylde which would appear in the September issue.  Was it a pseudonym?  A combination of Miller and Dunas, possibly?  Who knows?  It certainly shares some of the rather annoying "comedy" aspects of Miller's Auto Erotic from the previous month's issue.

The text is really just an excuse to put in as many food related (for some obscure reason) double entendres similes and euphemisms as possible.  The concept behind this being that the man was pursuing the women at dinner but they got the upper hand in the end.  Hence, no doubt, the appalling over acting by the male model in this shot.

It is the dream of many (most?) men to end up in a sexual situation with two women at the same time and this was Penthouse's second pictorial featuring this scenario, after the similarly named pictorial Three in Love from February 1975.

What men want (or rather what men's magazines seem to think they want) is two adoring females who will pander to the man's every whim and, hopefully throw in a bit of lesbian action as well.  This, however, is not always the reality of the situation.

The girls in this pictorial, for example, are not interacting with each other sexually at all (unlike Three in Love and, indeed, most Penthouse threesome's pictorials) but are entirely focussed on the man.

The girl in blue manages to inject a bit more believable passion into her performance whereas the blonde seems to just find the whole situation hilarious.  One observation we would make is that the girl in blue  has remarkably hairy legs, visible through her stockings in the picture above.  Something that is rarely seen even in seventies magazines.

We mentioned Triple P's first experience of a threesome in passing in our recent Centrefold of the Month posting on Connie Lynn Hadden.  Our new girlfriend had asked Triple P, really rather early on in their relationship, if he wanted to have sex with two women at the same time.  Of course, depending on your definition, it could be argued that it is impossible to have sex with two women at the same time but this was not an argument we remember having at the time trying to sound, simultaneously, both interested and diffident.

Triple P's girlfriend, C, had her eye on another girl in her college but it was the other girl who suggested Triple P's presence.  All three of us drank quite a lot of wine one evening in C's room in college but all felt rather inhibited due to the non-spontaneous nature of the occasion.  Nothing, therefore happened, even after C stripped down to her underwear to reveal some very uncharacteristically fancy lingerie.  Instead C and the other girl just got into a discussion about lingerie and stockings whilst Triple P finished the wine.

C was nothing if not persistent, however, and so organised another post-dinner rendezvous for the three of us.  This went better as it was a Saturday night and we had all finished our academic work for the week.  It's hard to concentrate on potentially kinky sex when you know that you should be writing an essay on administrative law instead.  Things started much better when both stripped off their outer clothes to reveal full-on boudoir lingerie and stockings.

Triple P was soon made to feel overdressed and did, of course, thoroughly enjoy the two girls removing his clothes, although was very embarrassed by his aroused state in front of the other girl who he hardly knew.  The whole thing didn't go as planned for C, however, as it became obvious that the other girl was more interested in Triple P than having lesbian sex with C.  There was a little half-hearted, clothed, breast fondling between the two girls (they kept their lingerie on throughout whereas Triple P had been stripped completely) but what the other girl wanted was to "see you two do it".   This we did and the most exciting aspect of the evening was having the other girl guide Triple P into C's sopping pussy.   But when she asked whether she "could have a go" with Triple P, C suddenly got very protective and she said "not this time".  But there never was another time.  C decided that the potential negatives of a rival outweighed her burgeoning lesbian desire.  The problem of threesomes always being, of course, that one person always feels left out. It was fifteen years before Triple P got involved in another such performance.

So we leave our threesome with the man giving one girl a good seeing to and the other nowhere in sight.  It wouldn't be long before Penthouse had another boy/girl/girl threesome pictorial, however.  In fact just two months, in their special bicentennial issue in July 1976.  This we will look at very soon.


  1. I think this was probably the worst trio pictorial ever in Penthouse. Thank you for posting Penthouse couples and trios. How about posting "The Snatch" from February 1979.

  2. I agree and it's a shame as the girls are quite nice. I'll certainly post "The Snatch" but all in good time as I am doing them chronologically!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing more of my favorite couples and trios from the 1970s. You have several more good ones ahead. Thank you!