Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Enema at the Gates: 2

We have had a request for some more enema pictures; of the consensual rather than the forced kind (which eliminates most of the Japanese Manga illustrations, for example).

So here we present a collection of really rather well done watercolours which, from the look of them, originated in the late fifties/early sixties.

We know nothing about the painter, who on some sites goes under the name "German" but that may just have been his (or her) nahionality rather than a real name or nom de plume (it could be both, of course).

Anyway, there is nothing violent in these delicate little paintings; indeed, everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Mostly we seem to have secenarios featuring two women and a rather younger looking boy who is, nonetheless, patently up for the task ahead.

Several of the ladies, at least, are obviously nurses who appear to have been drawn in to engage in games with a couple.  In all the pictures the young man appears very eager to please, which is not surprising given the splendid ladies he has to interact with, resplendent in their stockings, high heeled shoes and lingerie.

In the final picture we have two young ladies on their own.  Perhaps the young man has been worn out by his exertions and has gone off somewhere to rest!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kissing Venuses: 3 Israeli Army girls

One of our regular readers, the redoubtable Zakkers, commented on our post on Francoise Pascal to the effect that he remembered a pictorial from the late seventies of undressed Israeli army girls.  Now we have been unable to find this interesting sounding pictorial so, as a consolation, present this fine picture of two young ladies from the Israeli Defence Force.  Now, whatever you might think of the politics regarding Israel (and Triple P's father served in the British Army in Palestine in 1947) there is no denying that the IDF has some of the most attractive lady soldiers in the world. 

If there was more kissing and less shooting the World, of course, would be a much better place!