Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mountain Retreat by Earl Miller

We have had a request for more photographic couples pictorials and the next chronological one from Penthouse is Mountain Retreat from September 1975.

Penthouse's first couples pictorial, One and one make free, had been in December 1972 but since then and before this one there had only been two others.  !975 would see more of these, however, with this being the second of what would be four in 1975.

As was often the case in this period, the romantic encounter would begin in the woods.  The man is called Jena and the woman Sharla, according to the text, which makes them sound like a couple from a bad fantasy novel.

Anyway, Sharla seems to have got Jena's shorts off pretty quickly and seems very taken by something we can't quite see.

The pictorial was shot by Earl Miller who had had his Penthouse Debut in May 1974.  Although he had already shot a girl/girl pictorial, Rites of Spring, this was his first boy/girl shoot for the magazine.

Because of the size of the images (only one a page and several two page spreads) the pictorial only contains eight photographs in total whereas Jeff Dunas' next couples pictorial, two months later, would have no less than twenty-two images.

This is a shame as Miller has some nice images here and it would have been good to see a few more, even it if meant smaller pictures on the page.

The final two pictures up the level of explicitness slightly over previous couples pictorials with the man's hand very close to the girl's pussy for the first time and a bold full frontal for him to finish.

Reaction to this, as Oui had found earlier on with their couples pictorials, was mixed.  "Your pictorial "Mountain Retreat" beautifully conveys the encounter motive.  Keep up the new style.  I like it. And I think it is important in the development of sexual entertainnment.  Let's see nude males more in your pictorials" wrote JMB.  KEB of Los Angeles also liked it saying: "It was frank and totally revealing-which is the way I want Penthouse to be.  For the first time, you showed that both complete, total male and female nudity looked beautiful and didn't need to be hidden."  One reader was not convinced however and ranted, somewhat ungrammatically, "If I wanted to see a man's cock, I'd look in the mirror.  Forget this faggot magazine-I'm switching to decent magazines, and Penthouse cannot be considered"decent" no longer!"

The latter would be disappointed; more penises were coming...and soon!


  1. A beautiful set of photos. Quite inspiring...

  2. I find that the erotic photos of the 70's and 80's, before nothing was left to the imagination, were the best of Penthouse. I'd rather see that than the gritty images it puts out now.

  3. I want to try all these with my boyfriend

  4. Yeah, I feel like making love too.

  5. I was quite taken back to the 1970s, I have to say, and it was a most enjoyable experience!

    I recall several of these ‘couples’ set, and one in particular sticks with me. Time plays tricks with one’s memory but perhaps you can help me. The set was very similar to ‘Love in the Afternoon’ but the pictures were taken in around an English cottage. The lady was dressed much like the one in ‘Love in the Afternoon’ but with the off-the-shoulder ‘peasant’ style blouse popular at the time. It was certainly taken during a summer’s day. The pictures were similar to ‘Love in the Afternoon’, but involved the cottage and a four-poster bed. I’ve reviewed several web sites that have compilations of P-House from the time but to no avail. Any thoughts?

  6. It doesn't ring an immediate bell. I will look for it.

  7. The 1970's were the best years ever for honest true human sexuality... I do miss those days :-) Thanks for the memories !