Friday, December 30, 2011

Mirror Image by Earl Miller

Here we have a nice kissing start to Penthouse's seventh girl/girl set but, more importantly, the fourth of 1975.  It demonstrates how far the magazine had gone since the coy hand holding and sylvan flute playing of Rites of Spring, which was also shot by Earl Miller, from just nine months earlier in March of that year.

The December 1975 issue, from which this pictorial comes, was one of the envelope pushing ones; with Susan Waide (also on the cover) giving a full-on genital revealing centrefold and another bold "love set", The Duel, which we will look at next.

Although this pictorial also appeared in the equivalent UK edition (Volume 10 number 10) this picture of the two young ladies with their hands inside each others' knickers was cut, perhaps for being just a bit too graphic for our delicate British sensibilities.

The UK edition did, however, include nearly all the other pictures even though they were a considerable step-up in the depiction of sapphic passion from what had been shown before in the magazine.  After a series of anonymous protagonists in their "love sets" these were named as Stephanie and Paula, although we have no idea who the actual models are.

As ever in their girl/girl sets, Penthouse fudged the issue by stating in the accompanying text that "it's not that we've grown cooler to men," says Stephanie.  "In fact, being this close to Paula has made me more sensuous with my boyfriends..."   So, not really lesbians at all, again.

In what is quite a short pictorial (it was very much subsidiary to, the much longer, The Duel in that issue) there are none of the dreamy clothed shots as they wander through sunlit meadows.  The girls get right down to it with the first implied cunnilingus shots in the magazine, including this radical face-sitting photo.

Up until now, the girls in the girl/girl sets did not flash their pussies in the same way that some of the individual Pets were starting to do.  In the one below, however, we get the first clearly divided mound in any of their love sets so far, thereby starting to bring them up to the same level of explicitness as their single girl pictorials.

The final, graphic pussy-munching shot was the most explicit girl/girl photo they had published so far.  Again, this one was too much for the editors of the UK edition who left it out of their pictorial.

So, Mirror Image, is really the first Penthouse girl/girl set which is all about two women making love to each other, rather than just posing around together.  Miller took the erotic charge in this one up several steps so that it was more in line with what the boy/girl ones were like at the time. The other mens' magazines would not be far behind in shooting similar pictorials and these would proliferate in the following year, 1976.  Penthouse would have no less than five girl/girl pictorials in 1976 compared with four in 1975 and only one each in 1974, 1973 and 1972. The next two, chronologically, would be their first fetish and first three girl sets.


  1. Is this Paula Kite from the 1974 pictorial?

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, both of them are blonde and have big tits! However, in Paula Kite's pitorial she said she only preferred women as friends. I guess her girlfriend convinced her otherwise.

  3. I was curious does anyone else see the resemblance? If not, why not?
    Which photo in the spread is the best?
    It also appears to me to me "Stephanie" is really manipulating "Paula" and taking control.

  4. OMG this one changed my life for the good THANK YOU Penthouse

  5. This issue between the duel and the above pictorial opened my eyes and now I'm bi...

  6. I was sorting out some personal effects after a move and I came across a single shot from this pictorial. It's the photo where they're on that sun-room love-seat and the one is riding the other's face. I'd cut it out 'way back when'; I was a teenager. Seeing this image instantly hit me; it's always been a prime sapphic reference whenever I was writing erotica. To me it's the perfect image: a woman riding her lover's face, the one being ridden reaching up to caress a breast, and the rider's head back in ecstasy. The composition is phenomenal, what with power being invoked while the one being controlled still has enough wits about her to manage the caress. Just fantastic.