Friday, September 16, 2011

The Friends by Jeff Dunas

From June 1975 we have this pictorial by Jeff Dunas; his first girl/girl pictorial for Penthouse.  This appeared only three months after the previous girl/girl pictorial Rites of Spring by Earl Miller.  From this point on, girl/girl pictorials would become increasingly common in the magazine.  This one, however, was still only the sixth one in five years.

Two things immediately distinguish this pictorial from the previous ones:  Firstly, they have manged to get the girls out of the ubiquitous fields and meadows of the earlier pictorials.  Secondly, the pictures are much more passionate than the coy posing and light caressing of the earlier efforts.

Dunas starts well with a nicely tactile ear licking picture.  Compared with other photographers attempts at this genre in the magazine to date he crops his figures very tightly.  There are no full length figures; he frames the figures in such a way that the impression is much more immdiate and intimate.

These two photographs were obvioulsy taken very close together with the dark haired girl moving her hand from her companion's shoulder to her own groin.

This photograph was the most intimate girl/girl picture that magazine had published to date.  There is nothing innocent about this; no ethereally vapid expressions.  The dark haired girl (for the first time the models aren't named) sucks the other's nipple whilst the fair-haired one slides her hand down her friend's groin.

The accompanying text had the usual story of girls being taken by surprise by their passion for each other: "Suddenly my breath was heavy and my chest on fire, and without thinking I reached out and she sighed and just sort of melted into my arms."  Also as usual, however, the text states that of course they continue to have boyfriends.  They aren't lesbians.  Honest.

The pictorial had very few pictures compared with the ones which had gone before as so many of the photographs were full page; so only eight pictures compared with Rite of Spring's thirteen.


The final double page spread even outdoes the previous one, as the dark haired girl prepares to suck her friend's nipple completely into her mouth.  There is more than just kissing going on here.

So Dunas' first girl/girl set at last matches the passionate descriptions in the text with the accompanying images.  It is much more believable that these two have sex with each other than in any of the other girl/girl pictorials so far.  Unlike the previous intervals between girl/girl pictorials the next one, also by Dunas, would follow the next month so we shall ensure that there is only a brief interval until it appears here as well.


  1. Bravo - well done review! The passion between these two women seems genuine as evidenced by the first breast sucking photo where the "fair-haired" girl's nipple is fully erect as it's being feverishly sucked by the dark-haired woman. I always thought this one was one woman schooling - even dominating - her younger companion in the act of lesbianism. The dark-haired woman (who looks like ex-adult film star (Maria Tortuga) appears thoroughly in-control in all pictures (even dykeish) while the other girl seems younger and very submissive. This is evident in the two photos taken together where the older woman appears calm and collected while her younger companion seems to be trying to compose herself; her hair is disheveled and her school-girl satin ribbon is loose and wrinkled - no doubt caused by the older woman clutching, grabbing and running her fingers through her young lover's hair during an off-camera, passionate moment. They aren't real-life lesbians? - yeah, right! Anyways, thank you for your wonderful insight.