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Enema at the gates: 1

We posted this drawing of a girl about to recieve an enema by Watteau over on our Venus Observations blog not long ago.  Whilst researching for our Herric post we also came across this drawing (below) of two young women trying to give another a forcible enema.

The vigour of the blonde's struggle is cleverly illustrated by the flying shoe. The story behind this picture, whatever it is, is intriguing!

A fifteenth cemtury illustration of the works of the Greek physician Galen

What we hadn't imagined was that there was a whole sub-genre of enema art.  This is not just a recent development; it has long, historical antecedents.

La Soubrette Officieuse by Swiss artist Alexandre Chaponnier (1753-1805)

What is not always clear, of course, is to what extent any particular depiction of people receiving enemas is purely a record of medical practices of the time or whether it had any intended erotic value.

Le Curieux by Pierre-Anroine Baudouin

This delicate watercolour by Baudouin (1723-1769) shows a maid about to giver her mistress an enema using a clyster syringe, which was the usual way of administering an enema from the 17th to the 19th centuries.  Baudouin was a pupil of, and eventually son-in-law to, Francois Boucher and like his tutor mixed erotic and conventional subjects. He rarely painted in oils; confining himself to pastels and watercolour.  There is little doubt with this picture that the lady's elegantly revealed posterior is presented for erotic effect.

Tobacco enema


Enemas were not just a medical solution to constipation and dehydration but were also used to quickly introduce drugs, both medical and recreational, into the system.  The French (compared with the UK, for example) continue to favour the use of suppositories for delivering drugs so perhaps this more anal approach may explain their interest in enema art!  In the eighteenth century picture above, physicians administer a tobacco smoke enema.  This was not only used to treat stomach pain but also to revive victims of near drowning.

Der gefaellige freund (the obliging friend) by Helga Bode

Triple P tends to regard those into the more extreme fetishes with mild amusement.  But whilst we can see why someone might enjoy being tied up, dressing in rubber or being spanked we tend to find the appeal of enemas rather baffling.

Helga Bode

Nevertheless, there are plenty of artists that have had a go at these sorts of pictures although, we should note, that most are a sub-set of spanking pictures (which seemed to be particularly popular in France and Germany in the nineteen twenties and thirties).

Die gefürchtete kanüle (the dreaded needle) by Helga Bode

Enemas are, we gather, painful and that, added to the penetrative nature of them makes them popular with those of a BDSM nature.  The administration of an enema gives plenty of scope for a dominant male to terrorise a submissive female.  However, quite a lot of the art features dominant females with submissive, often younger women.  Indeed, in the past, enemas were administered to children as a punishment and some of the art reflects this.

 Das Geduldige Opferlamm  (the willing sacrificial lamb) by Helga Bode

Helga Bode was a German artist active in the nineteen twenties.  She specialised in spanking art (more of which another time) but also produced a lot of enema themed drawings and watercolours.  Some of her illustrations appeared in German medical books in the thirties but very little is known about her.

Im Schlafsaal des Internats (in the boarding school dormitory) by Helga Bode

Bode was particularly keen, as a spanking artist, on the punishment and pain aspects of the process.  A school location gave plenty of opportunity to depict older women dealing with teenaged girls.

Klistierstunde im Pensionat (Clyster hour at boarding school) by Helga Bode

Bode didn't miss the possibilities of the extra threat posed by a male protaganoist, however, and, as we can see by the two examples below, much of her art is about the anticipation rather than the act itself.

Peinlicher Befehl (the embarrasing instruction) by Helga Bode

In contrast to the alarm on the faces of many of Bode's victims the young lady in this picture by Margit Gaal  looks to be very much enjoying the process.

Margit Gaal

Despite having an older woman administering the clyster syringe you get the impression that the young girl is very much on top of the situation. The added voyeuristic, in flagrante element works well too.

These other two pictures by Gaal also all demonstrate pleasure rather than pain.

Eugene Reunier

More anticipation is evident in this picture by Eugene Reunier which also includes some of his characteristic doodles.  We will look at Reuinier (actually a German artist) another time.

This one by artist Jim Black, again, has a reluctant looking victim at the mercy of two older women.  Black was one of the pseudonyms of French Artist Luc Lafnet (1889-1939) who we will also look at in the future.

Like many of these artists Black/Lafnet specialised in spanking pictures but produced the occasional enema picture such as the one above.

This picture is by another illustrator of ninteen thirties French spanking novels, JX Dumoulin.  It is an illustration from a novel called Humiliations Chéries by Jean Claqueret, a pseudonym for an unknown French author.

Here is another illustration from a Claqueret novel.  This one comes from the same novel as the second picture from the top and is, like that one, by Herric.

This one has two well dressed ladies observing as what looks like a maid prepares the instrument of torture for the younger girl.  The girl's expression (and the faces in this are very expressive) is such that she might actually be looking forward to it!  This is an illustration from a novel by Sadie Blackeyes which was a pen name for French author and songwriter Pierre Dumarchey (1882-1970).  Dumarchey was the author of the novel Quai de Brumes which was made into a film by Marcel Carné in 1938. 

This 1911 novel from which this illustration comes was called Miss and was subtitled: the adventures of a young girl of the world in a school of correction.  The illustration was by Louis Malteste who was a cartoonist, theatre poster designer and illustrator of rather more talent than some of the other artists illustrated here!

Most of these pictures are from the first three decades of the twentieth century but this one could be from a little later, from the look of the hair styles.  Unlike some of the terrified victims in some of the other pictures here, this lady seems totally unconcerned by the insertion of the bulb enema wielded by the nurse.

This illustration by Richard Hegemann really piles it all on.  A man with bound wrists has sex with a woman who is tied to a chair.  She is receiving an enema whilst a woman in a see through slip and boots whips them whilst an excited little dog looks on.   Hegemann was probably actually a woman, active in Germany in the twenties.

Finally, we have a case of mutual fun with an obviously excited chap receiving an enema whilst simultaneously giving his lady friend a bulb version.

More enema art another time.


  1. I had no idea this was its own little sub-genre. That's kind of fascinating!

  2. Would love to see more of this artwork. Especially enjoy seeing pics where the subjects are enjoying themselves - not punishment enemas.

  3. Marilyn Monroe was supposedly an enthusiast or so I haear.

  4. Its all in the bottom... No pun intended. Spanking & enema art feature nude bottoms mostly, and that's why they are popular, with men and women. As my dad said once when we saw a rather amateur cancan at my sister's old high school, "Any excuse to display their bottoms in public." Most sexually aware girls and women are exhibitionists by nature, Just look at any female underwear collection from the 20th Century. Frills and bows, silks and satins, not to mention the sheer nylon panties from the 50s and 60s. All designed to gift wrap the female bottom. Fetishism is not really all that kinky, cave men were into meat and potatoes sex...Modern man has more exotic tastes.

    Art Lover

  5. enemas are highly erotic is an S&M setting for a large number of submissives - if they are done properly and safely - in an ideal setting (in my view) the submissive should be in a full bondage harness, with blindfold and gag - the availability of a larger, stronger dominant to assist her to the toilet certainly helps - a filling, tingly sensation can be felt in the reproductive organs as well, as the water pushes things around - having to "lose your shit" for a good dominant really gets your attention - especially getting cleaned afterwards by her or him

  6. Back in the 30s,40s and 50s bathrooms all over this great land of our displayed the classic red enema/douche bag hanging on the bathroom door.Before antibiotics appedicitis was a feared killer and enemas were given often to ward off lower abdomial problems.They were a routine prt of many wwomens hygiene and often prescribed b Drs toe relieve highe fwvwea.As I said,they wre a very ubiquitous fearure if private life.Interestingle the packaged Flet enema is now the 9th or 10th most commonly purchased item in modern drug stores like Walgreens and CVS.While you are checking out theFleet enema section also see the huge assortment of packaged douches over in the "famine hygiene"department.IUt seems the our ladies find that they still must insert those little nozzles(allbeit nowadays plastic and disposabel] Just the same as they ever did.As child of the 50s.Ipersonally,miss the honest red enema bag one the bathroom door-or the more s exy douchebag in the shower.of the ladies with whom I socialized in those days.If one of those things was on display you knew that you were dealing with the "right kind of girl"

  7. Fascinating. Never experienced this in the UK. Never met a girl who used one...

  8. How well I remember my Mother filling the "Red Bag" with a luke warm water to give me my Sunday night enema in preparation for the new week! This was a common aspect of many many American households back in the 1950's 60's 70's. Apparently the enema & it's "benefits" are being rediscovered too for my pharmacist related they cannot keep "Red Bags" on the shelf!

    1. Interesting. I have never met anyone in Britain who has ever had one!

    2. I well many many times, mom would lead me into the bathroom where The "red bag" was hanging from the towel rack. I had to undress before laying over mom's lap and her emptying the bag into me.