Friday, April 1, 2011

Bawdy Bathers by Jeff Dunas

A year after Sandy Robertson's Pet pictorial had featured a man and twenty months since the last Penthouse boy/girl pictorial Pair Play by Jeff Dunas, Dunas returned  for Penthouse's very first girl/boy/boy pictorial, Bawdy Bathers.

This pictorial appeared in December 1974's issue.  The first picture in the feature set the tone for the whole pictorial as one man fondles one of the girl's breasts and the other kisses the other one.   It is a very tactile shoot with lots of sensuous touching. 

The text itself makes no attempt to tell a story, contrary to the usual practice, it just rambles on about the superiority of a bath over a shower as a sensual experience; something Triple P has to agree with.

S and Triple P enjoyed our traditional, deep bath  in Hanoi last week although we didn't have a long handled brush to scrub each other as shown above.

This is the first boy(s)/girl pictorial where the protaganists are naked for all the pictures.  There are no undressing photographs here.

It's a shame they didn't invent one of their bizarre stories for this as the pictures very much suggest one.  The lady seems very much in control with the men paying court to her in a most adoring way.

She doesn't seem to be their plaything as she just stands there much of the time being worshipped (we know one or two girls like that!).

Given the faintly Victorian backdrop, with its potted plants and stained glass windows, perhaps she is the lady of the house and the gentlemen are her gardener and footman.

Perhaps she is a widow or maybe  her husband is away in the Far East scouting out rubber plantations in Malaya and she is feeling in need of a little male company.  Given the sterling service she receives from both her retainers she doesn't want to disappoint either of them so invites them into her bath together!

Given the squeeze S and Triple P had last week they must have had to look around for quite a time to find a bathtub which would easily accommodate three people.

The young lady really does have the most appealingly squashable pair of breasts that Triple P has seen in a long time!  Anyway they are being much appreciated by her two gentlemen friends, not surprisingly!

For only the second time Penthouse shows a man with his hand on the girl's pussy.

They soon go one better, however, and in this shot they both have a hand between her legs.  It does look to be quite a tight squeeze in there!

In the final shot we see Penthouse pushing the envelope again by including this photograph which includes a very visible cock.  Although they had shown the occasional penis in reportage pieces this was the first time one had been included in a couples pictorial.  When this pictorial appeared in the UK edition, three months later, this picture and the pussy touching ones were all omitted.

The outrageously busty young lady in this set is model Joyce Mandel  who, as is often the case with these models, went under a number of different names including Joyce Gibson, Joyce Patterson, Rinah and Alexis Love.

As Rinah in Oui photographed by Ken Marcus for June 1979

Very few models have had such long careers as Joyce Mandel who started out as a teenager in the sixties and was still appearing over three decades later.

An unusually frank picture from Naked Era number 1 (1971)

From Jackpot magazine 1972

Her dark and sultry looks are due to Romanian and Russian ancestry although in the early seventies she often wore wigs.

As is often the case with very busty women she is quite small at 5'2" and in the sixties, when working with Russ Meyer meausured, 40DD-22-36.

As Alexis Love in the nineties

In the nineteen nineties, having left nude modelling for fourteen years, she returned  as Alexis Love as a mature model in her forties, her measurements now being a staggering 48DDD-23-34!  How she only managed to put one inch on her waist but eight on her bust is interesting given that she remained all natural.

She modelled for mainstream mens's magazines as well as the specialist big bust productions.

In November 1978 she appeared on the cover of Hustler from which session this rather striking picture comes.

An impressive demonstration of gravity

She had small parts in a number of films and TV shows.  Her first uncredited role as a seventeen year old was as a go-go dancer in the Jack Nicholson scripted, Roger Corman directed film The Trip (1967).  Her other film titles give a very good idea of the sort of roles she played: Street of a Thousand Pleasures (1971), Wam Bam thank you Spaceman (1975), Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheikhs (1976), Chesty Anderson US Navy (1976) etc. 

In Mork and Mindy (1979)

More conventionally she appeared in an episodes of Taxi (1978), Mork and Mindy (1979) and The Fall Guy (1982).

Still natural in the nineties and displaying herself in a way that she didn't (on the whole) when she was younger

Her most recent film was Return of the Ultra Vixens (2000) at the age of fifty and her last photoshoot was in 1999.

We like to remember her as she was as a lovely, fresh, curvy twenty-five year old in Bawdy Bathers.

With a future Governor of California

With Hugh Hefner

Although she was never a Playmate she appeared extensively in Playboy in the seventies in various features and pictorials. Above she is dominating a shot for a "comedy" pictorial in Playboy July 1980 featuring Dudley Moore.  "Who is that girl?" wrote a reader afterwards

A rare girl/girl picture

Given the previous interval betwen boy/girl sets before it would be a surprisingly short  two months before the next one appeared, this time by Stan Malinowski.  We will feature that very shortly


  1. 'Bawdy Bathers' was my introduction to Joyce Gibson.
    The weakest element, of an otherwise smoking set, is the darked-haired, rather effeminate dude. He, IMO, seems totally out of place. With another Biff McStudly working Joyce over, it would've been off the chart.

  2. I am a woman and i love bawdy bathers. Very erotic with less need to show everything. Soft but racy. More pictures of men sucking nipples would be fantastic.

  3. Several new sets are in process. Thank for your comments. Feedback is always appreciated.

  4. I see the vintage erotica forums with old Penthouse loving couples but too much pop up ads. I prefer your site.

    1. If you register, the pop ups don't appear

  5. I much prefer this version of a woman with two men to the harder stuff in Penthosue today. The scenes here are delicate and sensual. Not the attack scenes you see today.

  6. Indeed. The difference here is that the lady seems to be in charge: the men are worshipping her. She is not just an object. Much sexier!

  7. There is also an intense but subtle erotic sexual exchange that is unique to men and women that the early Penthouse photographers captured very well. I heard that the photos got out of hand when the models 'went for it' and the cameras rolled. The layouts are much sexier and some fans prefer them because what you see depicted was not staged, they were impromptu and real. The attraction and ecstasy look real too because they were. It also felt like the layouts were for a male and females audience. Now, Penthouse is a smut rag with rape scenes.

  8. You make some excellent points here. I will be discussing them in my next post "Love in the Afternoon" the pictures from which I am formatting right now.

  9. Alot of people on vintage erotica forums say that. And its men who are younger too who won't buy Penthouse because of it.

  10. Are there other blogs like yours? That focus on the old vintage Penthouse erotic photography?

  11. Not that I jnow of. My sister blog, Venus Observations (see link on right) features a lot of old Penthouse, Playboy, Oui and other solo girl pictorials as well as my Pubic Wars series (in the same blog) which looks at the competition betweeen Playboy and Penthouse in the seventies.

  12. Even when Guccione took penthouse hard core in the late nineties many of his pictorials still had some artistic merit-nice locations, costumes etc. but after he sold it it went downhill fast.

  13. Are you going to upload Viva pictures too on this blog? Erotic photography is very different from smut which is what Penthouse is now. Very sad. The models looks awful now.

  14. Old Viva magazines are like gold dust (and cost as much). I might have one or two on my system somewhere...

  15. I have most of the seventies Oui magazines and they had some excellent couples pictorials so I will be putting some up soon.

  16. This issue with todays porn, rather than with the erotica that we used to view when we were younger, is there is no story behind the pictures. The pictorials were just that, pictorials; they told a story through photographs. There was the opening, the build-up, the climax and then the conclusion or the closure. Today is mostly take pictures and see what the hell we can shock them with even more. Even the pictures of women were done more in the "voyeur" sense; a chance 'peep' of seeing a woman in her 'private' moments. The erotica of our days was not an exploitation, but rather a form worship. Filtering and color enhancement added to the surreal fantasy. There is none of that now. The images are of the women looking at you. The men are tattooed bikers. There is no sensuality, just basic barbarism. But I guess that is what we have become. There is no more "art" involved....just show me the money shot!

  17. When I came across your blog I was blown away (pardon the pun)! This brings back such great memories when I came (another pun...) of age at 11. That was when I saw the female anatomy in its entirety for the very time via Penthouse. I was in awe of the female form immediately and I still am at 43. Please keep up the good work you're doing. This is a major contribution to American society in so many ways, and to the modern world at large.

  18. So glad you're enjoying it. The next Penthouse magazine pictorial should be up within a week.

  19. I have it on good authority that this is based on actual fact, although the woman in real life was a redhead rather than a brunette. Her husband was delayed coming home from a business deal overseas and the wife--(Fiona was her name)--took it upon herself to be a good hostess to her husband's business associates, who had come to see the man.

    Ever so glad to see the beautiful Joyce Gibson play the role of Fiona here.

  20. This soft core erotica is pretty tame by today’s standards. The guys had to keep their members limp for the pictures. But, as has been stated, this pictorial pushed the envelope as to what was printable and publishable in a 1974 girlie magazine.

    There are three things that make this pictorial great. They are:

    1) Joyce Gibson.
    2) Joyce Gibson.
    3) Joyce Gibson in the nude.

    Miss Gibson had a long and illustrious career as a nudie model and she never (thank God) succumbed to doing hardcore porn. Nevertheless, Joyce showed considerable chutzpah in agreeing to do this assignment with TWO nude men. Good for HER!
    I’d like to think that when they were done shooting the pictures. Joyce gave the blonde boy a nice, rock-solid hard-on and had her way with him.

  21. I discovered Joyce Mandel (part of her real last name) on Sunset Boulevard in 1968. Photographed her, then held her pictures until a friend, Edmund Leja, shot her for Playboy to see if they would use her. They liked Joyce but said she was 'too exotic' so Ed told me to go ahead and publish her in my nagazines. The Cavalcade shot (Colorado River) and the 1971 shot of her folded up (my yard in Canoga Park, CA) were done by me. Joyce lived with me and my girlfriend, her best friend 'Suzy' for a long time.

    1. Too exotic! For heaven's sake! Thanks for having a more discerning eye!

    2. @ John Hand:

      As this IS the interwebs, I have to take what you say with a (large) grain of salt but, if true, that's amazing info.
      'Too exotic'? Yeah, that sounds like the rabbit mag, at least back then.

  22. As beautiful as Joyce Gibson is (or was), I think Alexis Love is even more beautiful. "You're not getting older, you're getting better."

    1. One of the biggest changes I have seen in my life is the fact that older women are now allowed to be, and still appreciated as such, sexier and sexual.

  23. Bawdy Bathers ... still ... and always .. the best.

    And I'd like to echo the comments re: 70s v. today. Lets face it ... the world has gone downhill somehow.

  24. 1) Thanks for the Joyce-completists extra shots. Yowsah-city ... well into MILF-dom 2) One comment I dont believe I saw was that what made Bawdy Bathers one of the all-time best was the curly-headed guy's penis. Quite memorable. Believable that Joyce just wanted to grab it to see "what's up" with it.

    1. Agreed, Skitch!
      The shot with Joyce's elegant hand curving towards that dude's semi-engorged cock is what makes 70's porn so cool: it allows you to fill in the blanks yourself.