Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pair Play by Jeff Dunas

Penthouse's second couples pictorial saw Jeff Dunas taking over photographic duties from Ken Marcus who had shot One and One make Free for December 1972.

Unlike the girl/girl set, where there was a long wait for the second example, Penthouse only took four months from the first couples pictorial before they produced another, this one appearing in April 1973.

The scenario behind this pictorial is that Mike and Carol are just pals who whilst out walking in the fields one day are suddenly overcome by a great desire to make love (as Penthouse coyly puts it). 

They remain friends without having a relationship, just friendly sex (the s-word is never used) which is, no doubt, what many of the readers at the time would have seen as an ideal in the happy hippy early seventies.

Certainly, Carol's scarf and Mike's hair date the whole pictorial to that post Woodstock, floating around fields vibe that Penthouse seemed to think was the only appropriate backdrop for these "love sets" at the time.

This pictorial is rather more intimate than Marcus's initial one and, indeed all of the early girl/girl sets.  For a start there is a lot more kissing.

There is also a lot of mouth to breast action going on.  There was some of this in Marcus' pictorial but nothing like as much as here.

Mike loves Carol's small but perky tits!  We actually applaud Penthouse for presenting a girl who is not an over-inflated, voluptuous Playboy type.  We can't think that Mr Hefner would have permitted a girl with a chest like this into one of his pictorials.

Even though full-frontal shots were common in the magazine by this date One and One make Free only had one (the girl, needless to say) but Carol gives us no less than four.   This breast sucking one above is the most extreme yet in terms of tactile action!

As in the other pictorials of this type we move inside  from the fields for a time.  What is interesting about this pictorial is that it doesn't pretend to represent a single sequence. 

The couple's clothes, for example, change a number of times.  For some reason Triple P always finds this faintly annoying and would prefer a sequential approach telling a logical story.

Carol has a splendid head of hair on her head as well as a fluffy bush!

At last Mike gets naked with Carol, after keeping his trousers on for most of the pictorial, for a nice kissing shot.

Even in this one they're not quite in actual contact as Carol has an article of clothing between her and Mike.

The final sequence is interesting in that it depicts Carol assertively undoing Mike's fly.  The lets-get-your-cock-out implications are much stronger than anything seen in One and One makes Free four months earlier.

Of course it must all be to do with the erotic effect of being in the fields.  It is most odd that these photographers didn't think to place their couples in any other environment!

Carol (in very cute shorts) is really getting quite close to the action in this shot!  In the picture below her attention seems to be fixed on something we can't see!

So, we think that Dunas pulled off a good pictorial here, with quite a bit more passion than in the magazine's first couples pictorial.   Penthouse's next couples pictures would be a one-off oddity in that it appeared in a Pet of the Month pictorial eight months into the future in December 1973..


  1. Indeed lots of passion in this one. Pretty set.

  2. I love the old Penthouse capturing the erotic exchange between men and women in a much more subtle but still very hot way. The nipple action is way hotter in these pics than the hardcore stuff these days.

  3. Great point from Anonymous about the "nipple action". More real passion, perhaps?

  4. is that Eddie's cock standing up in that picture about where their wrists meet? Or is it a beltbuckle or cane or something?

    link is here: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_A7wB2gcr8lA/TUgA4IEaUJI/AAAAAAAAKsM/9G4UqppeXIg/s1600/pp+10.jpg