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Black and White and Delightful all Over by Siwar Ohlsson

Penthouse in the UK largely had the same pictorials as the US edition.  Indeed, as the magazine started in the UK, the US version often had pictorials, in the early days, which had already appeared in Britain. 

As regards girl/girl pictorials the UK edition had already reproduced Two WomenWoodstock GenerationTwo's Company and Rites of Spring although they passed on Mirage.  

In December 1974, however, the UK edition ran a pictorial called What's Black and White and Delightful all Over? which never appeared in the US edition. 

Penthouse was often criticised for its lack of ethnic models, compared with Playboy who ran a strict quota system.  UK magazines at this time also featured quite a few black girls.  It may be that the editorial team in the US felt that this particular pictorial, by Swedish photographer Siwar Ohlsson, was too daring on the racial front.

It may just have been that the US edition was already running a love set that month called Bawdy Bathers by Jeff Dunas.

It may be that, perhaps, it was a little stronger than the girl/girl sets that had appeared in the US edition so far.

Whatever the reason, it is a shame to miss out on what is a rather nice pictorial so here it is from Volume 9 number 9.

The pictorial was shot in the Canary Islands.  The "white" in the title is, according to the text, 18 year old Swedish model Carina Sjogqvist. 

This breast kissing shot may have been the one that precluded the pictorial from the US edition as at this stage the lesbian overtones in the US pictorials were more in the text than in the actual visual representation.

The "black" in the title, again, according to the text, is a 23 year old model from the Seychelles called Lucienne Camille.


In fact, whilst her parents may have been from the Seychelles, Lucienne was actually born in Kent in 1940, meaning that she was 34 when this pictorial appeared.

Lucienne was a model, stripper and actress.  Whatever, she was the possessor of a seriously impressive body and a beautiful face.

Lucienne with the cast of Up Pompeii


As an actress she had a recurring role in Frankie Howard's TV comedy series Up Pompeii (1969) and a number of films (mainly in Italy) and TV appearances after that. Her final role being in long running British TV series, The Bill, in 1990.

Lucienne appeared in a number of men's magazines in the seventies including Mayfair, Men Only and Fiesta, originally under her real name of Sylvia Bayo; including a rare  boy/girl set in Private which we may feature another time.  She died in 2006 at the age of sixty-five.

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